2013 Mazda 5

2013 Mazda 5 Exterior Side

The 2013 Mazda 5 was originally introduced as a compact version of the Mazda MPV and went on to become Mazda’s only presently offered minivan. From afar it looks like any other minivan with a modern looking exterior. However, when you get close to the 2013 Mazda 5 you will really start to notice its size – it looks tiny! Everything about it makes it a fully functional minivan, but the emphasis this time is really on the “mini”.


The 2013 Mazda 5 is powered by a 2.5L engine outputting 157 horsepower paired with a 5 speed sport mode automatic transmission to attain a 9.5 L/100km mileage in the city and 6.7 L/100km on the highway. The 2013 Mazda 5 feels like a smooth and zippy ride with low to the ground clearance for stable handling, making for a fun drive around town. This size of engine is fine for two passengers with cargo but with full occupancy and a full load the engine is severely underpowered.


2013 Mazda 5 Exterior Front Side

The 2013 Mazda 5 tries to keep the exterior looking sporty and athletic by incorporating modern lines along the side, an aggressive looking black or dark silver front grille and a low ground clearance. Although I am not a big fan of the exterior look, I do think that Mazda did a decent job making the design sporty and athletic looking while trying to keep everything within a small package.


2013 Mazda 5 Interior

Sitting in the driver’s seat of the 2013 Mazda 5, you will notice many things both good and bad. First glance at the dash made me feel a bit overwhelmed by the number of buttons needed to control the radio. Also, the small horizontal display on top of the dash is a bit small for the amount of data it tries to display (time, interior/exterior temperature, audio and drive data).

With seating for 6, the interior space might be a concern for those with a larger family transporting a full load. The driver and front passenger leg room is a bit cramped and there’s not much trunk space unless the back row seating is folded down.

The field of view is probably the best I’ve seen for a minivan. With lots of windows wherever possible, the 2013 Mazda 5 is both bright and allows the driver to see all around the vehicle with minimal blind spots. Another unique positive I found was the ease of which the side doors and the fold down seats could be operated, with neither requiring much force.


2013 Mazda 5 Exterior Rear

I like to call the 2013 Mazda 5 a “crossover minivan” because it has all the look and functionality of a minivan but it has the size, drive and handling of a car. With a starting price of $22,000, the 2013 Mazda 5 is a great entry van packed full of convenience and technology. You also get an excellent build using quality materials and tight engineering. If you’re in the market for a small minivan that drives like a car then take the 2013 Mazda 5 for a test drive.

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