2013 Nissan Quest

2013 Nissan Quest Exterior Rear Corner

The 2013 Nissan Quest minivan was the reason the saying “soccer mom” came into being many years ago. That’s because the minivan became the preferred vehicle for the suburban mom that needed a way to get a pack of kids to soccer practice/little league or any other after school event conveniently.

The standard minivan came with two or three rows of bench seats and still had room in the back for the sports equipment or other cargo. Many changes have been made to standard minivans and the 2013 Nissan Quest is part of Nissan’s fourth generation of their flagship minivan.

Under the hood

Nissan wanted to be sure that the 2013 Nissan Quest was not mistaken for one the typical plain old Japanese minivans, so they included a powerful 3.5 liter V6 engine with a very respectable 260 HP. That gave it the extra bit of performance you would not expect in a traditional minivan.

Along with the powerful engine, the 2013 Nissan Quest comes with an equally impressive transmission – the automatic Xtronic Continuously Variable Transmission. This CVT transmission coupled with the 260 HP helps the 2013 Nissan Quest deliver unequaled performance when compared to the other minivans.

Inside and Out

2013 Nissan Quest Interior Dash
2013 Nissan Quest Interior Center ConsoleThe minivan has become such a hugely popular family vehicle that just about every car manufacturer has one or more models in its lineup. So it was important that Nissan design the 2013 Quest with features that would help it stand out against all the others in its class.

The 2013 Nissan Quest comes in four different models and each one comes with its own set of extra features along with standard ones. These include either two or three rows of seating with ample trunk space behind the last row. Seating rows fold down flat allowing room for larger items as well.

2013 Nissan Quest Interior Trunk Space

To help keep things comfortable for everyone on those long drives Nissan’s Advanced Climate Control System will keep everything cool and cozy in the summer and nice and toasty warm for those cold winter nights.

To keep the kids entertained in the back, the 2013 Nissan Quest can be fitted with Nissan’s DVD Entertainment System. If your family prefers to be entertained by music rather than movies, you will have plenty of options thanks to the Sirius XM satellite radio and multiple speaker sound system that comes standard.

Enough about the interior, let’s talk about the serious curves on the outside. No worries about whether or not it would stand out in a crowd of other minivans. The 2013 Nissan Quest has a seriously sculpted exterior which gives it a unique and futuristic type of look. Add to it a power side sliding door on both sides of the van (operable by the push of a button from the driver’s seat) and you have the perfect soccer mom vehicle.

2013 Nissan Quest Exterior SideA new feature for the 2013 Nissan Quest is the Around View Monitor system, which comes standard on the 2013 Nissan Quest LE model. This system blows the traditional backup camera out of the water by using a series of cameras mounted around the vehicle to give a 360 degree view of the area around you. With this feature you will be able to inspect your surroundings, backup or pull into tight spots with confidence.

If you are in the market for minivan then a serious consideration of the 2013 Nissan Quest minivan must be made. This sharp looking vehicle, filled with technology and overflowing with features, will be able to meet all of your family’s needs.

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