2014 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible Review

2014 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible Exterior Front Side 2

The 2014 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible holds true to its Beetle roots, but is brought into the present day with an automatic convertible top, front mounted engine and all the latest technology and conveniences. With many of its original “punch buggy” styling cues, the new 2014 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible is a one of a kind, fun to drive ride.


2014 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible Exterior Front Side

Equipped with a 2.0L four cylinder turbo charged engine, the 2014 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible was designed to be powerful and deliver exhilarating performance. The pleasant hum of the 2014 VW Beetle Convertible’s engine is evident inside the cabin and reminds the driver of the power at hand, without being too loud for conversations. Driving the new Beetle Convertible, you can expect fast, powerful but smooth acceleration, great handling and cornering with minimal body sway and above all an enjoyable driving experience.

One drawback that takes some getting used to with many Volkswagens (and also seen in the 2014 Beetle Convertible) is the lag between letting go of the brake and hitting the acceleration, which sometimes leads to a jerky start.

2014 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible Exterior Rear Side

The 6 speed transmission offers the option of full automatic driving, sport mode or tiptronic manual gear shifting for a variety of driving modes to suit your mood.

For a smaller vehicle I was expecting slightly better gas mileage than was achieved in our test drive. Over 230 kms, a consumption of 9.9 L/100km was achieved with combined city and highway driving. Being  slightly over the stated 6.4 L/100km on the highway and 9.4 L/100km in the city, the trade off for the exhilarating drive and performance makes it worth it.


2014 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible Exterior Rear Side Top Down

The 2014 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible comes equipped with a fully automatic convertible soft top that retracts within 10 seconds at the push of a button. The thick black roof has the appearance of a soft top, but has all the desirable features of a hard top. It does a great job of keeping the heat inside the cabin and has tight seams to prevent wind leaks at high speeds.

2014 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible Exterior Rear

Although the trunk space is much smaller than the hatchback version, it is still surprisingly spacious for a convertible that allocates trunk space to store the roof. It would be nice if the extra trunkspace occupied by the roof was usable when the roof was not retracted. However the trunk space is still large enough to fit suitcases and has 50/50 split folding rear seats for awkward sized cargo.


The 2014 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible has come a long way to make the exterior bolder and more powerful looking, while still maintaining its bug-like roots. The huge front headlights, large wheels with unique propeller-like rims, dual exhaust and subtle curves all add to a new and improved modern looking exterior.

2014 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible Interior Dash

Although the 2014 VW Beetle Convertible appears quite small from the outside, the interior is actually quite spacious for the front passengers. Lots of head and leg room up front, along with many little storage areas, provide a convenient and comfortable cabin for front passengers. The rear passengers however, will be a bit more cramped with minimal legroom but at least the rear seating is limited to two passengers.

The interior does a great job to ensure passengers travel comfortably. Snug and firm seating with side support cushions for the front passengers and bucket like seating for the rear passengers provide a comfortable space for long journeys. I’ve always appreciated the adjustable lumbar support and adjustable center armrest height, which are two smaller yet often overlooked features.


2014 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible Exterior Side Top Down

The distinctive and time tested design of the 2014 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible starting at $29,075 will surely appeal to many buyers in the market for a convertible. Don’t forget that you are getting quality German engineering ensuring a high quality build with tight seams. See for yourself what all the fuss is about and take a 2014 Beetle for a test drive!

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