2015 Honda CR-V Review

2015 Honda CR-V Elite White Exterior Front Side

The 2015 Honda CR-V meets the needs of many buyers shopping for a versatile vehicle, which explains why the CR-V was the top selling crossover SUV in the USA in 2014. The full featured CR-V is Honda’s midsize SUV and fits in right between the larger Honda Pilot and the smaller new compact Honda HR-V.


The 2015 Honda CR-V gets the Honda Accord’s 2.4L, four cylinder engine, churning out 185hp to provide more than enough power for the small crossover SUV. Although the switch in engines doesn’t change the total horsepower from 2014 CR-V’s engine, it does create more low end torque to create a more responsive and peppy feel acceleration.

2015 Honda CR-V Elite White Exterior Front

This new engine is paired to Honda’s continuously variable transmission, which is one of the best CVTs on the market. The CVT allows for smooth and seamless accelerations without any jerkiness from gear changes and it truly shines at speeds under 100km/hr and with the stop and start of city driving.

The 2015 Honda CR-V feels more like driving a car than a truck or SUV. The precise steering, CVT transmission, low center of gravity for less body sway in turns and available AWD traction for ideal handling set the CR-V’s drivability apart from the competition.

One serious flaw I found with the 2015 CR-V was the amount of vibration that took over the vehicle when stopped at a light. My entire body shook violently like I was sitting on a subwoofer blasting deep bass music. I attribute this oddity to the low RPM engine idle (around 1,200 RPM), creating a vibrational thrum that takes over the whole body of the vehicle.

2015 Honda CR-V Elite White Exterior Rear

The 2015 Honda CR-V comes with a trio of fuel saving features starting with the new Earth Dreams engine which steps up fuel efficiency without sacrificing power. Pressing the eco mode button tunes engine and auxiliary systems for more efficient driving. Lastly, the majority of fuel savings will come from a smarter driver and the Honda CR-V’s eco assist feature will coach drivers on fuel efficient driving with colour coded lights beside the speedometer.


2015 Honda CR-V Elite White Exterior Rear Side

The exterior of the 2015 Honda CR-V sees the addition of a bolder grille and wider stance, creating a more powerful appearance. Add to this the large wheels, sloping roofline, clean accent lines and the black and chrome highlights and you get a wonderfully elegant result.

To match the sculpted exterior, the 2015 Honda CR-V’s interior design uses a nice mix of good quality black, chrome and wood grain accent materials on a cleanly chiseled dash, yielding an overall classy and tasteful design.

2015 Honda CR-V Elite Interior Dash

Versatility is where the 2015 CR-V truly shines and buyers can rejoice in the many features offered combined with a well thought out design for daily usage. The rear air vents and dual zone auto climate control make for a comfortable temperature for all passengers, while the driver seat memory allows for easy switching between drivers and the backup camera allows multiple views (wide, normal and top-down) for getting the best perspective when reversing in tight spots.

The versatility of the CR-V’s cargo transportation makes it a great all around choice for families with kids or drivers needing flexibility when carrying awkward sized cargo. The power tailgate opens and closes with the push of a button making loading and unloading much easier. Get even more cargo space by folding the rear seats flat.

2015 Honda CR-V Elite White Exterior Rear Side2

The 7 inch touchscreen infotainment is nice to have as a standard, but I found the tablet-like navigation using the left hand column touch buttons was difficult as the buttons were too small and hard to know if they had been pushed requiring too much attention away from road. The volume adjustment is also by touch on the left column and I found it particularly annoying.


2015 Honda CR-V Elite White Exterior Side

With the base model 2015 Honda CR-V starting at $26,190 and offering many convenient standard features, it offers great value for money if you’re looking for a crossover SUV. It should also be mentioned that the CR-V offers one of the best resale values on the market!

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