2015 Volkswagen Beetle Review

2015 Volkswagen Beetle White Exterior Front Side

The unique design of the 2015 Volkswagen Beetle puts it into a category of its own. Although others like to compare it to the mini, on a uniqueness level I would agree, but on the whole it is quite a different ride. The 2015 VW Beetle remains relatively unchanged from the 2014 VW Beetle, but still has an updated retro design.

2015 Volkswagen Beetle White Exterior Side

The overall look is in keeping with the original Beetles, however the modern day updates include a flatter roofline and hood, a two tone black and chrome trim, and aerodynamic side mirrors which give a more aggressive look. Although these updates try to appeal more to male buyers, I would have changed the headlights to look a little more masculine as I felt the small LEDs surrounding the main headlights give the appearance of eyelashes.

2015 Volkswagen Beetle White Exterior Front

The 2015 Volkswagen Beetle has a beautiful interior with a classic feel on top of the iconic exterior design dating back decades. The interior showcases the exterior color with a retro design of color matched panels throughout the interior dash, doors and steering wheel. The 2015 VW Beetle also has a unique and elegant interior ambient lighting system in the door panels and around the speakers that can change colours and brightness. However, the ambient lighting on the doors needs some improvement for certain colours as the white Beetle I test drove allowed individual lights to shine through the white plastic door panels rather than providing a consistent under glow.

2015 Volkswagen Beetle White Interior Dash

Although the 2015 VW Beetle is built for four passengers, I found it really only suitable for two. The rear passengers are cramped with minimal leg room and a low roofline making taller passengers have to hunch. Definitely not recommended for long trips!

2015 Volkswagen Beetle White Interior Front

On the other hand the front passengers have plenty of leg and headroom and the front actually feels very spacious and bright. One feature I would like to see updated is the amount of storage space for the interior. Although there are cup holders, a small amount of door storage and an extra compartment above the glove box, it still seems to be a bit lacking in terms of keeping your larger items organized. Although the trunk space has come a long way, it’s still difficult to fit larger items like more than one suitcase or even a set of golf clubs.

2015 Volkswagen Beetle White Interior Trunk Space

Equipped with your choice of a 2.0L gasoline or a 2.0L diesel engine, the 2015 VW Beetle offers a spirited performance with solid handling and zippy acceleration. Although it doesn’t quiteeliminate engine and exterior noise, the ride is smooth and steering is precise.

2015 brings many options for making your Beetle look more retro, like the choice of rims and upholstery and also the Retro Edition Beetle called the Classic that will have a more retro body type (available in spring 2015).

2015 Volkswagen Beetle White Exterior Rear

By now you must know a little bit about the story and the uniqueness of the VW Beetle, and I can tell you that the 2015 model has all the modern day conveniences that one would expect for a price tag that starts at $19,900. One thing’s for certain and Volkswagen puts it best when it claims that:

One option you can’t get on the 2015 Beetle is “blending in”

2015 Volkswagen Beetle White Exterior Rear Side

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