2015 Volkswagen CC Review

2015 Volkswagen CC Exterior Front Side Trees

The 2015 Volkswagen CC was originally introduced as part of the Passat family but after undergoing several changes over the years, it officially became the CC, short for Comfort Coupe. The 2015 VW CC is a sleeker, more fashionable four door Coupe offering up more style and luxury than the Passat.

2015 Volkswagen CC Exterior Front

Equipped with a turbocharged 2.0L four cylinder engine, the 2015 CC churns out plenty of power (200hp) on the low end to get you moving. Upgrade to the V6 Executive 4MOTION model sporting a 3.6-liter V6 engine (280hp), a six-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive for performance inspired driving.

2015 Volkswagen CC Exterior Rear Side

Despite the top class driving experience offered by the Volkswagen CC, the real draw to the car is the sleek design and German engineering. The comfy yet supportive leather interior compliments the two tone dash with lots of attention to detail, sleek materials and high quality build. The 2015 Volkswagen CC makes long distance travel a pleasure by providing the driver with a 12-way power adjustable, heated seat with lumbar support and adjustable armrest.

2015 Volkswagen CC Interior Dash

Although some may see the infotainment as basic, it does offer simplicity and ease of use that so many modern sedans are missing. With the touch screen system Volkswagen have in place, anybody can hop in and use it without thinking they are trying to launch a space shuttle! The dash has a simple layout with a minimal number of buttons and everything easily within reach.

2015 Volkswagen CC Exterior Side

When you look at the 2015 Volkswagen CC it’s also important to note the conveniences it offers for every driver. From the interior’s dual zone climate control, Bluetooth connectivity and paddle shifters to the exterior’s bi-xenon adaptive headlights, power folding side mirrors and rear view camera, these are conveniences that are often excluded in many other brands.

2015 Volkswagen CC Exterior Rear

All in all this classy VW not only looks the part, but it also drives with the expected precision of German engineering. The various models tick the boxes for the most style conscious, technology aware and performance seeking customers. The entry level 2015 Volkswagen CC is priced at $36,375, so do yourself a favour and book a test drive in the CC today!

2015 Volkswagen CC Exterior Front Side

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