2016 Ford Edge Titanium Review

2016 Ford Edge Titanium Bronze Fire Exterior Front Side

The well rounded 2016 Ford Edge brings a pleasing design, flexible versatility and is equipped with all the latest technology and performance to come together as an all-round great choice for a crossover SUV. This perfectly sized SUV sits between the smaller Escape and the larger Explorer but delivers a spacious interior while maintaining performance and manoeuvrability. The 2016 Ford Edge Titanium sits at the top of the line before upgrading once more to the Sport tuned version with the 315hp turbo charged V6 performance engine.


The 2016 Ford Edge Titanium is equipped with the base model four cylinder 2.0L engine outputting 245hp, and the option of upgrading to the larger 280hp 3.5L six cylinder engine. I found the 2.0L engine to provide more than enough power delivering exhilarating accelerations, responsive power and quiet cruising. The standard front wheel drive keeps fuel economy efficient, while an intelligent all wheel drive is offered as an upgrade for those in snowier climates. The 6 speed automatic transmission offers smooth gear shifts, quick downshifts and integrates steering wheel mounted paddle shifters for complete control.

2016 Ford Edge Titanium Bronze Fire Exterior Front

Rated at 11.5 L/100km in the city and 7.8 L/100km on the highway, our 200km combined city and highway test drive yielded 10.5 L/100km which I found quite efficient for the size of the vehicle.

The adaptive steering system, now offered standard on the 2016 Edge Titanium, readjusts how much the steering wheel turns the wheels to keep things efficient for the driver. For example, parking manoeuvres require much less turning of the steering wheel.

2016 Ford Edge Titanium Bronze Fire Exterior Side

While I found a few more steering corrections were needed at higher speeds, this electronic steering control paves the way for Ford’s Enhanced Active Park Assist feature. This amazing feature takes away any guess work for parallel or reverse parking by allowing the Edge to take control of the steering while the driver only has to apply the brakes and gas. After testing this feature a few times, I found it works beautifully and results with first try perfection every time!

Bringing together the turbo charged power, smooth shifting transmission and adaptive steering yields an overall smooth, comfortable and relaxed ride with performance readily at hand.


2016 Ford Edge Titanium Bronze Fire Exterior Rear Side

The pleasing exterior profile of the 2016 Ford Edge showcases sleek accent lines on the hood and sides, a beefy and imposing grille, a sporty rear roof spoiler and huge wheels positioned at the far front and rear of the vehicle giving  it a bold and wide stance. While chrome emphasizes the front end features, there’s no excessive use as seen in many other vehicles.

While the exterior doesn’t necessarily stand out boldly like the 2016 Nissan Murano, it does have a classic elegance to the overall shape and appearance, which will keep the exterior design modern for years to come.

2016 Ford Edge Titanium Bronze Fire Interior Front

Step inside the bright and airy cabin of the 2016 Ford Edge Titanium and you’re surrounded by a beautiful two tone white and black premium leather interior. The white leather combined with the massive sun roof (essentially the whole roof) makes the interior bright, cheery and genuinely a pleasant place to be. Overall, the quality of the build and the materials used are first rate.

2016 Ford Edge Titanium Bronze Fire Interior Front Side

New for the 2016 Edge is the Sync 3 touch screen infotainment system which is sleek, easy to navigate and displays information in an organized and logical manner. Combine this with the rich and powerful surround sound from the Sony stereo and you have a top notch technology system.

2016 Ford Edge Titanium Bronze Fire Interior Front Dash

One of my favorite features is the optional ambient lighting throughout the cabin in the footwells and cup holders. Depending on your mood, you can select from 3 different blues, orange, red, green or purple to give a different atmosphere to the interior at night.


2016 Ford Edge Titanium Bronze Fire Exterior Rear

While there is quite a range in pricing, options and model selection for the 2016 Ford Edge, you won’t be disappointed with whatever combination you choose. The 2016 Edge starts at $31,140, $36,530 for the Edge Titanium and $42,315 for the top of the line Sport model. I really like that Ford includes a rearview camera and push button start as standard across all models. If you’re looking for a perfectly well rounded mid-sized crossover SUV then make sure to test drive the 2016 Ford Edge.

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