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The third generation of Ford Focus models made its way onto the market in 2010. Since that time, the designs have been improved and refined for your driving pleasure. We managed to get hold of a 2016 Ford Focus hatchback edition last weekend, and we put it through its paces. The article you’re reading today contains our thoughts and opinions on this particular model. We happen to think it’s one of the best vehicles available in its category. However, you should still give it a test drive before spending your money this year. As with anything in this world, personal taste always comes into play. Even so, we’re pretty confident you’d love driving this car.

First Impressions

We picked the vehicle up from a local garage and headed straight to the motorway. Unsurprisingly, the car’s suspension meant we never felt a single bump in the road. Indeed, it’s one of the most comfortable drives we’ve experienced in recent times. The interior is stylish without being overpowering. The engine is quiet but fast, and there are some excellent safety features. Owners are treated to four airbags which should help to keep everyone secure. You start to feel like you’re floating on air when driving this vehicle, and that’s why we recommend a test run. If you weren’t convinced before getting behind the wheel, you would be after a couple of circuits around the block.


As we just mentioned, the new Ford Focus hatchback editions are a dream to drive. The advanced suspension cushions even the deepest potholes, and motorists should never feel uncomfortable. The only thing we did notice was the leather seats became a little too hot after a couple of hours. For that reason, we would advise those who travel long distances to opt for a cheaper interior. That will mean you aren’t stuck to the chair when you reach your destination. Also, you’ll save a lot of money because the primary editions are much cheaper. The car handles corners perfectly, and never feels like it’s going to skid. We drove it during torrential rain, and never once felt insecure on the road.



Fuel Economy

There are many different editions of the new Ford Focus available today. Which you choose will depend on how much you can afford to spend. However, people who only perform short commutes should consider a smaller engine. The range starts from 1.5-litres, and those models are the cheapest. They also help you to save a lot of money when it comes to keeping them on the road. Insurance prices will drop, and you won’t have to spend as much cash on fuel. That said, the company now produces a hybrid edition that puts the others to shame. The Focus Electric has become a top choice for people who care about their impact on the environment. Unfortunately, we haven’t tested one of those models yet.


With a full leather interior, it’s unsurprising the Focus offers the utmost comfort. Were it not for the heat of the seats, we’d give this model 10 out of 10. Compared to other vehicles in the same class, it’s far superior. Indeed, that is why sellers like TC Harrison claim it’s still the most popular choice for second-hand buyers. Many people comment on the smoothness of the ride, and we can’t argue with that. We just wish there was a little more room in the back. As with many five-seater hatchbacks, a small extension would go a long way.


The 2016 Ford Focus RS comes in at around £23,484 from most retailers in the UK. That means it’s much cheaper than the latest editions from Audi or BMW. However, we feel it’s just as luxurious, and a great way to spend your money. After test driving a Q3 a couple of weeks ago, we firmly prefer the Focus. Many people are going to argue with that statement, but it’s true. Some versions of the Q3 can cost £15,000 more than the latest lines from Ford. So, we think British drivers would do well to keep the money in their bank and get something less costly.

All in all, we had a brilliant time with the 2016 Ford Focus hatchback. We hope to test drive the Focus Electric edition at some point during the next few months. We’ll have to get back to you on how that compares to other hybrid models on the market. As most people will know, the consumer’s electric vehicle of choice at the moment is the Toyota Prius. However, we think that might change when motorists try Ford’s attempt at green transport.

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