2016 Ford Focus Titanium Review

2016 Ford Focus Titanium Blue Exterior Front Side

The 2016 Ford Focus is Ford’s most versatile compact vehicle offering both sedan and hatchback versions and a choice of gas, all electric or performance tuned engine for a variety of different driving experiences. We will stick to the 2016 Ford Focus Titanium sedan which fits in at the top of the line before stepping into the performance zone and starts at $26,499 .


2016 Ford Focus Titanium Blue Exterior Front

Powered by a 2.0L four cylinder engine outputting 160hp and paired with a 6 speed automatic transmission, the 2016 Ford Focus Titanium gets the best of both fuel efficiency and balanced power. Ford lists the fuel economy ratings at 9.0 L/100km in the city and 6.2 L/100km on the highway which fits nicely into our test drive, which yielded 8.5 L/100km over 100km of city and highway driving (though most of the drive was in the city).

The 2016 Ford Focus Titanium handles beautifully with a smooth drive prevailing through accelerations, turning, stopping and cruising. Ford includes a Torque vectoring control feature for improved cornering stability by transferring more power to the outside wheel for better traction while turning.

I was happy to see that Ford offers a rear view camera as a standard feature on the 2016 Ford Focus as it’s one of the most useful features for parking and manoeuvring into tight spaces. The titanium goes one step further and provides proximity sensors for all around the vehicle giving more precise control.

2016 Ford Focus Titanium Blue Exterior Side

2016 Focus gets a new feature geared towards parental control over teen drivers, which is also beginning to appear in other vehicles like the 2016 Nissan Maxima, allowing the owner to both control certain limits of the vehicle and monitor driving details. Ford’s version, the MyKey, allows for programming to restrict driving speeds, reduce audio volume, a more prevalent seat belt reminder for occupants and a tracking system for parents to monitor usage.


2016 Ford Focus Titanium Blue Exterior Rear Side

The 2016 Ford Focus has a sleek yet understated exterior design bringing everything together with the use of chrome highlights. The sleek headlights emphasize the width of the classy front grille, reminiscent of a Bentley, while the sporty accent lines and curves, halogen headlights and fog lights provide a sporty look for the body. Ford also provides a selection of 11 different wheel sizes and designs to ensure your Focus is unique and fits your style.

2016 Ford Focus Titanium Interior Front

Stepping into the slightly cramped interior of the 2016 Ford Focus Titanium, you’ll first notice the futuristic looking dash with a large touchscreen display, large vertical vents and a great mix of high quality materials. Although the legroom for rear passengers could be improved, it’s expected and gets the job done for a compact sedan. A welcomed design element allows for the dash width to narrow when meeting the center console, providing more legroom to the front passengers.

2016 Ford Focus Titanium Interior Dash

The 2016 Ford Focus brings a 4.2” display, customizable with important driving information, and places it right by speedometer for easy viewing by the driver. The 2016 Ford Focus Titanium also provides some very elegant ambient lighting with selectable colours throughout interior footwells and on the center console. Overall the interior is a serene and elegant space and quiet and smooth while driving.


2016 Ford Focus Titanium Blue Exterior Rear

The 2016 Ford Focus is a great choice for a daily driver for families because of fuel economy, entry level pricing, 7 airbag safety and control over new drivers with MyKey technology. The 2016 Focus Titanium starts at $26,499 whil the base model 2016 Focus starts at $17,199. All models include the useful MyKey and rearview camera features.

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