2016 Honda Civic Review

2016 Honda Civic Exterior Front Side Gray

The fully redesigned 2016 Honda Civic replaces the 2011-2015 Civic generation and addresses some of the previous criticisms by bringing the Civic back to its roots. Enter the simple yet elegant design of the 2016 Civic puts a modern twist on the traditional features that made the Civic a best seller for decades. New technology, a modern look and more efficient power are the focal points for the 2016 release.


The front wheel drive system in the 2016 Honda Civic sedan is paired with your choice of two engines and continuously variable automatic transmission (6 speed manual transmission is available only on the DX and LX models). The top two models (EX-T and Touring) offer the sportier 1.5L four cylinder turbo charged engine outputting 174hp, while the other models sport a more fuel efficient 2.0L four cylinder engine putting out 158hp. Both engines provide enough power for regular commuting, while the CVT creates a smooth and steady acceleration.

2016 Honda Civic Exterior Front Gray

There’s a reassuring feel for the overall drive of the 2016 Honda Civic. You can easily tell that the drivability has some solid engineering behind it and that it was built with reliability and longevity in mind. The solid feeling behind the wheel comes from the defined steering, precise handling and grippy traction.

Fuel economies listed by Honda are quite impressive with the 2.0L offering a 6.7 L/100km combined city and highway mileage and the 1.5L turbo engine offering a slightly higher 6.9 L/100km combined mileage. These efficient mileages are a big part of what makes the Honda Civic a top seller and presently Honda is taking efficient driving one step further. All models come standard with ECON mode to minimize fuel consuming systems (acceleration performance will suffer slightly) and Eco Assist to help teach drivers to drive more fuel efficiently.

2016 Honda Civic Exterior Side Gray


The fully redesigned 2016 Honda Civic is lower to the ground, longer and wider than any previous Civic pushing the boundaries of the compact sedan category. Although the larger size is appreciated by many, the full exterior redesign also resulted in a very pleasing outcome.

2016 Honda Civic Exterior Rear Side Gray

The exterior design emits a sporty and aggressive appearance through its wide front and rear haunches, emphasizing the wider wheelbase and giving the 2016 Civic a muscular looking stance. The pleasing contours are highlighted by the many accent lines and curves throughout the body. The front end, although kind of plain, emits elegance and simplicity. The tall and wide rear end features lots of sculpting and unique, eye-catching C-shaped LED tail lights that really makes the 2016 Civic stand out in a crowd.


Being the largest Honda Civic to date, it also provides the biggest interior in the compact sedan category (even larger than the roomy 2016 Dodge Dart). The quiet cabin also does a great job of eliminating engine and road noise.

2016 Honda Civic Interior Front Dash

The simplified dash of the 2016 Honda Civic is much less distracting to the driver by reducing the number of display screens. The new pleasingly simple dash minimizes the number of buttons and dials, yet somehow still keeps the annoying touch screen volume control. The dash has an elegant multi level design with stitching and good use of quality materials and also narrows when it meets the center console to give more horizontal leg room to the front passengers.

The huge amount of storage throughout the interior makes the 2016 Civic very functional and helps to keep things tidy by hiding away items in the door pockets, center console and the hidden behind dash compartment.

2016 Honda Civic Interior Front


Honda stayed true to its vision for the Civic being an affordable car made for the masses. The 2016 version offers plenty of passenger room, cargo space, a comfortable and relaxed ride, the latest in safety and convenience technology and best of all – affordable entry level pricing. The base model Civic starts at only $15,990 while the top of the line Touring begins at $26,990. After driving a Civic, you will see why it has been the number one selling sedan for decades.

2016 Honda Civic Exterior Rear Gray

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