2016 Honda HR-V Review

Step into a feature rich 2016 Honda HR-V starting at only $20,690 for the versatility to transport passengers and cargo, a fuel efficiency to save money and a pleasingly rugged design. Sharing the same platform as the Honda Fit, the North American destined HR-Vs are manufactured at the same plant located in Mexico allowing for a larger supply for the market.

2016 Honda HR-V Black Exterior Front Side

Powered by a 1.8L four cylinder engine outputting 141 hp, the 2016 HR-V is well powered for a compact crossover SUV of its size. Pair the engine with a smooth shifting manual transmission or a versatile continuously variable transmission (CVT) which adjusts to any condition to provide the ideal power ratio and better fuel consumptions. The optional AWD adds confidence to handling by transferring torque to individual wheels to increase traction for safer driving and better handling.

2016 Honda HR-V Black Exterior Front

The best fuel economy comes from the automatic CVT with 2WD and clocks in at 7.6 L/100km, where the manual transmission or Realtime AWD will bump it up to 8.1L/100km. The Eco Assist feature helps train drivers on fuel efficient driving by using colored lights beside the speedometer. Just stay in the green and you will get the most bang for your buck for fuel economy.

2016 Honda HR-V Black Exterior Side

This compact SUV crossover fits in below the Honda Pilot and Honda CR-V both in price and size. The 2016 Honda HR-V sports a rugged interior and exterior design with elements like the rear roofline spoiler and the narrow center console adding to this appearance.

2016 Honda HR-V Black Exterior Rear Side

The 2016 HR-V sports a modern front end design with intriguing angles and curves, while the sloped roofline gives an overall hatchback-like look. The rear roofline spoiler gives a sporty look to the exterior along with the side accent line curving out to a wider looking rear creating a powerful looking stance.

2016 Honda HR-V Black Interior Dash

The interior of the 2016 Honda HR-V emits a clean and futuristic look from the fully digital dash with the narrow, triple wide air vents to the long and narrow center console that’s one cup holder wide. I liked the adjustable armrest on the center console for added comfort in various positions. It should also be mentioned that rear passengers are afforded a huge amount of legroom.

2016 Honda HR-V Black Exterior Rear

Even with the base model 2016 Honda HR-V LX you get features like a front wiper de-icer, heated seats and side mirrors, multi angle backup camera, digital touchscreen display and remote entry creating outstanding value. Add the 60/40 split rear Magic Seats and you have one versatile vehicle with many options for transporting passengers and awkwardly sized cargo. If you’re in the market for a well rounded entry level compact SUV, then check out the 2016 Honda HR-V.

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