2016 Infiniti Q50 2.0 AWD Review

2016 Infiniti Q50 Exterior Blue Front Side Gate

New for the 2016 Infiniti Q50 are three original engine choices, a revised suspension tuning and improvements to the Direct Adaptive Steering system when compared to the 2015 Infiniti Q50. With a starting price of $39,900 you won’t find another luxury sports sedan delivering such a high quality interior coupled with a powerful performance. The aggressively styled exterior exudes sports sedan styling, while quality materials adorn the luxurious interior.


2016 Infiniti Q50 Exterior Blue Front

The 2016 Infiniti Q50 2.0 AWD offers an entry level 2.0L four cylinder turbo charged engine producing 208hp and paired with a 7 speed automatic transmission. This combination makes for quick accelerations coupled with frequent and responsive gear changes. The gear changes are smooth, while the seventh gear allows for efficient cruising at highway speeds. Infiniti goes one step further with the driver adaptive learning algorithm, which senses individual driving styles and adjusts the automatic shifting accordingly to ensure optimal power and smoothness for different types of drivers. Manual driving mode is enhanced with downshift rev matching to the keep the ride smooth when downshifting for more powerful accelerations.

The engine power and transmission are coupled with an improved driver adaptive steering system for the 2016 Infiniti Q50. The electronic steering relies on sensor feedback to transmit steering motion to the turning wheels rather than being directly mechanically linked. With the improvements made for the 2016 Q50, the revised adaptive steering has been well received. Although the turning radius could be improved, the 360 degree reverse camera does make for easy parking and manoeuvring.

2016 Infiniti Q50 Exterior Blue Side

The 2016 Q50 also offers the Infiniti driving mode selector which alters driving characteristics for eco, snow, normal, sport or personal modes. I must mention that driving in sport mode really showcases the sports sedan nature of the Q50 by creating an exhilarating drive keeping the engine responsive and revving high. Use caution when driving in this mode!

Intelligent AWD typically transmits full power to the front wheels but continuously monitors wheel spin, throttle position and vehicle speed so it can divert up to 50% of power to the rear wheels to enhance traction and control when conditions require it.

After taking into account all the features and technology put into the engine and drive of the 2016 Infiniti Q50 2.0AWD, the end result is a 10.6 L/100km fuel economy in the city and a 8.4 L/100km rating on the highway.


2016 Infiniti Q50 Exterior Blue Rear Side Sea

The sporty lines and curves of the 2016 Infiniti Q50 give the appearance of controlled power. The aggressively designed front end has an aftermarket skirting style. The subtle lines and curves along the side give way to a rear end with more of a smooth and refined look while still showcasing the sportiness with a dual exhaust and a wide stance.

2016 Infiniti Q50 Exterior Blue Front Side

Stepping into the well adorned cabin of the 2016 Q50, you will immediately notice the quality leather and aluminum trim assembled into a sporty design. While the legroom, storage compartments and trunk space leave a bit to be desired in the roominess department, it is to be expected from a small sports sedan.

2016 Infiniti Q50 Interior Black Front

The use of two display screens, while taking a bit of getting used to, declutters the dash and provides a minimalistic look. I did like that I was able to keep the navigation map displayed while configuring the audio or climate. The main (lower) touch screen is swiped and tapped like a tablet with apps to access features and controls. There’s an amazingly rich and powerful sound that emanates from the 14 speaker Bose audio system, which falls nicely in line with the Q50’s luxury designation.

2016 Infiniti Q50 Interior Black Dash

Infiniti goes one step further offering 1 year free for their Infiniti Connection app for your phone which connects you and your Q50 whether in or out of the vehicle. Infiniti Connection syncs personal security, convenience, a concierge service and remote services by doing things like locking and unlocking doors from your phone, programming phone alerts for speed and location, sending automatic collision notifications, sending your destination from your phone to your navigation display and so much more.

The 2016 Infiniti Q50 is equipped with all the latest Infiniti safety features including the array of driver assisting technology and the dual stage airbags. See the 2016 Infiniti QX60 Review for a full description of Infiniti’s safety features.


2016 Infiniti Q50 Exterior Blue Rear

The full featured 2016 Infiniti Q50 sports sedan offers luxury, sporty performance and the latest technology for a reasonable entry level price point. The best way to get the full Infiniti experience is to take one for a test drive and make sure you test all the driving and safety technology. And definitely don’t forget to try driving in sport mode!

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