2017 Ford Edge Titanium Review

The 2017 Ford Edge is a perfect example of a roomy crossover SUV that doesn’t need to have three rows of seating. Sporty, comfortable, roomy and versatile, the 2017 Edge ties it all into an elegant and sleek package. Offering amazing seating for a full family of five along with more than enough room for their entire luggage, it’ll fit into spaces where most tree-row SUVs can’t maneuver. With class-leading ride quality, great engine range and lots of luxury features, it’s the perfect choice for anyone after the best all-round crossover.

The 2017 the Ford Edge carries over mostly unchanged from the 2016 Edge, but given how recently Ford introduced major upgrades, including the brand-new Sync 3 infotainment system, there wasn’t much need for a full makeover.


Equipped with everything the SEL offers (leather upholstery, heated front seats, nine-speaker audio system, 8-inch touchscreen, etc.), the Titanium trim puts more emphasis on luxury with bigger 19-inch alloys, noise-reducing front windows, ambient interior lighting, LED taillight bar, front sport seats and even a premium Sony audio system with 12 speakers and an HD radio.

While all these technology and comfort features are nice, I found 3 features of the 2017 Ford Edge Titanium to be the most pleasing for my driving style. First, the hands free power lift gate (standard option) can be opened by waving your foot in front of a sensor so you don’t have to put down your cargo to press the key fob or lift gate button. Second, the enhanced park assist (optional feature) will parallel or reverse stall park your 2017 Edge automatically! I can’t recommend this feature enough for drivers who aren’t completely confident with their parallel parking skills. Not only will the automatic parking feature fit the Edge into the tightest spaces, but it also parallel parks the Edge about 6 inches from the curb every time, preventing any accidental rim damage from curbing.


The 2017 Ford Edge is aptly named as it offers an exterior design with sharp edges, crisp lines, a sculpted body and a high waistline. It’s not overkill, but it’s definitely not sedated or boring either. Everything seems to flow and fit well into the overall shape and design, leading to an elegant but muscular exterior.

At the front of the 2017 Edge, we find the updated six sided grille which features two main bars running across, with the large Ford logo sitting right in the middle. Down below on the sides, the larger air openings accent the grille design and pull together the whole front end. The high waistline gives the impression that the Edge is lower than it actually is.


Step inside the cabin of the 2017 Edge and you’re immediately surrounded by a classic Ford design. While Ford has been making some top quality and functional interiors for quite some time now, the 2017 Ford Edge does a great job of showcasing this.

With plenty of space for 5 adults and luggage, the Ford Edge’s interior spaciousness and many storage spaces provide comfort and convenience for longer journeys. The panoramic sunroof spans almost the entire length and really brightens up the cabin and makes for a unique experience for passengers.

The Edge Titanium’s two tone interior really ups the quality and design, giving it a sporty feel. The minimalist dash gives a modern feel to the interior, while still being easy and intuitive to control. The sharp vent shapes with chrome trim throughout really accent the dash and center console for a futuristic look and feel.


All of the three engine options are paired with a six speed automatic transmission with manual shifting mode. The base model 2.0L four cylinder engine still outputs 245hp, which is more than enough to shuttle the Edge around town with an 11.3 L/100km fuel consumption in the city and 7.9 L/100km on the highway. For a heavier and solid crossover SUV, this 2.0L engine still sprints the Edge from 0 to 60mph in just 8.3 seconds.

The 2017 Edge Titanium offers the option to upgrade to a 3.5L six cylinder engine outputting 280hp and a further option to upgrade to all wheel drive from the standard front wheel drive.

The version we tested came with the base 2.0L engine and offered a smooth, quiet and comfortable driving experience. Smooth gear changes, zippy accelerations and precise handling all came together to provide a confident and pleasurable driving experience.


The 2017 Edge Titanium is the unprecedented king of the five-seater crossover SUV segment. It’s practical, luxurious, quick, and perhaps most importantly, amazing value for money. For comparison purposes, but with far fewer features, the only other bold crossover SUV of note is the Nissan Murano. A test drive will help distinguish the 2017 Edge from all other vehicles and will make for an easy decision!

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