2017 Ford Fusion Sport V6 Review

The 2017 model year of the Ford Fusion introduces the performance oriented 2017 Ford Fusion Sport V6, which exceeds all expectations in the mid size sedan market! Bridging the gap between sporty performance and comfortable family sedan, the 2017 Fusion Sport succeeds on both fronts and sets the performance bar at a whole new level for its competition.



Packing the highest power in its class, the 2017 Ford Fusion Sport is equipped with an impressive combination of performance hardware, bringing together a 2.7L twin turbo V6 engine outputting 325hp, paired with a 6 speed automatic transmission with steering wheel mounted paddle shifters and an Intelligent All-Wheel Drive. With so much power on hand, the AWD system is well needed to prevent torque steer by transferring some of the power to the rear wheels during full blown accelerations.


The low and wide stance combined with the AWD allows the 2017 Fusion Sport to stick to the ground during hard turns and also provides some reassurance in inclement weather conditions. The electric steering system provides adequate feedback and allows two unique features that otherwise wouldn’t be possible – Sport mode which stiffens the steering feel and Active Park Assist which automatically turns the steering wheel for semi automated parking.

The middle of the transmission shifting dial on the center console contains the Sport mode button, which turns the 2017 Fusion Sport into a beast and should only be used when ready to race! Not only does the acceleration become more responsive from keeping the engine revving around 3,000rpm, but steering becomes stiffer and adaptive dampers change the feel of the ride.

Enhanced Active Park Assist automates parallel and reverse parking by taking the guess work out of steering and only requiring the driver to apply gas and brakes. This feature works like a charm every time and saves accidental rim curbing.


Despite the sporty performance capabilities, the 2017 Ford Fusion Sport still feels like a family sedan with smooth and quiet accelerations leading to an overall comfortable ride for all passengers.

As expected, the athletic performance comes at the price of higher fuel consumption, with combined city highway posted rates of 11.5 L/100km versus 8.7 L/100km for the 1.5L Fusion SE four cylinder engine model.



New for the 2017 model year are LED headlights, a chrome strip splitting the tail lights and a few other discreet exterior design changes. The 2017 Ford Fusion Sport showcases a sleek design with a low and wide stance, two dual exhausts, accent lines on hood, black mesh grille, rear spoiler, LED headlights and side accent lines to create a pleasing and impressive exterior.


The spacious and well laid out interior of the 2017 Ford Fusion Sport uses many high quality soft touch materials. I would have liked to see the option of different colored leather seating but as it stands the only option is a black leather/suede combo. A dual tone leather and/or suede with accent coloured stitching would really make the interior pop and scream sporty performance. Also, the seats could use a bit more side support when playing the sporty part but work really well and are comfortable when playing family sedan part.


I found the customizable driver displays and ambient lighting really sets the 2017 Ford Fusion Sport apart from its competition. The driver can choose what to display on the left or right side of the speedometer as well as the main touch screen on the dash and the ambient lighting color choice is a great feature bringing the interior to another level at night.


Thankfully Ford doesn’t compromise when it comes to safety and includes ALL safety features as standard in the 2017 Fusion Sport. The only optional safety feature is the inflatable rear seatbelts. This all culminates into the highest safety rating from IIHS.



Ford’s done a very respectable job at creating a mid size sedan that delivers in family functionality, versatility and comfort while at the same time giving drivers the option of an enthusiastic sporty performance. With 12 models of the 2017 Ford Fusion to choose from, the only decision you need to make is do you want the performance of the Fusion Sport, the fuel savings of the Fusion Hybrid or something in between at a more economical price like the Fusion SE?

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