2017 Lincoln MKZ Review

The 2017 Lincoln MKZ has been fully redesigned this year and dials back the futuristic highlights from the previous MKZ model and chooses to focus more on the driver. This beautiful vehicle goes above and beyond to deliver a unique elegance for both driver and passengers. The small touches like the Lincoln welcome mat, interior ambient lighting and the massaging seats sets it apart from other vehicles and creates a unique Lincoln experience.



The 2017 Lincoln MKZ we tested was equipped with the 2.0L four cylinder engine outputting 245hp and paired with a 6 speed automatic transmission with steering wheel mounted paddle shifters. You could also opt for the 400hp six cylinder twin turbo engine or the complete opposite side of the spectrum with the hybrid engine. AWD comes standard with the gas powered engines, but is unavailable on the hybrid version.


The expected smooth ride of a Lincoln is delivered by the 2017 MKZ but there was a slight dampened engine noise making its way into the cabin which is uncharacteristic for a Lincoln. I would attribute this to the four cylinder engine hauling around a heavy vehicle. With 245hp, it never felt like the MKZ was underpowered, even with a full load. Lincoln uses its Continuously Controlled Damping feature to instantly adjust suspension to match the road conditions and create one of the smoothest driving experiences available.

Choosing the smaller engine also rewards you with better fuel economy like the posted 11.2 L/100km in the city and 7.6 L/100km on the highway.


The 2017 Lincoln MKZ also showcases some advanced technology like the automatic parking and adaptive cruise control features. The Park Assist feature takes control of the steering to manoeuvre the MKZ into parallel or reverse parking spots, while the driver needs only to shift gears and apply gas or brakes. The MKZ’s adaptive cruise control not only monitors traffic ahead but will also bring the vehicle to a complete stop and then start it up again when traffic begins to move.

I could certainly appreciate a few of the rarer safety features like the adaptive headlights which turn with the car around corners for safer night driving, and the automatic braking and warning system (Pre-Collision Assist) that flashes warning lights and even brings the car to a complete stop to reduce or prevent frontal collisions with vehicles or pedestrians.



The beautiful exterior design of the 2017 Lincoln MKZ screams luxury. Its sleek and elegant lines from front to rear give it a refined look, while hints of performance shine through with its low and wide stance, the hood accent lines and dual exhaust. The fully redesigned front end now showcases an unbroken chrome mesh-like grille and LED head and fog lights.


As you approach the 2017 MKZ, the car “wakes up” and welcomes you with lighting from the interior and door handles and also projects an inviting Lincoln logo onto the ground in front of the doors. This Lincoln experience is further enhanced with ambient lighting throughout the interior that can be toggled for brightness and various colours.


The beautiful interior of the 2017 Lincoln MKZ is adorned with high quality materials and a cutting edge design. Thankfully, this year’s redesign brings back buttons and dials to replace the touch based dash controls of the previous model year. The bright and elegant interior is enhanced with a fully retractable panoramic sunroof, which spans almost the entire length of the cabin and really brightens things up. Lots of hidden storage areas allow for items to be kept out of sight and the electronic push button transmission selector allows for even more storage under the center console.


The imported Weir leather from Scotland wraps the steering wheel and seats and screams luxury. The seats for the driver and front passenger are some of the best I’ve ever tested for comfort, support and adjustability. While vehicles usually only have 1 lumbar adjustment, the MKZ provides 5 adjustable lumbar supports including three for the back, one for the sides and one for the legs. The MKZ also goes one step further and provides massaging front seats for your back and bottom!



With the 2017 Lincoln MKZ starting at $41,250, you certainly get a lot of bang for your buck. However, once all options are added in, the price may become a concern for some buyers. Although it does share its platform and hence delivers a similar ride to the 2017 Ford Fusion, the 2017 Lincoln MKZ has made a name of its own by providing features like the welcome and ambient lighting, supportive massaging seats and panoramic sunroof which really showcase the Lincoln experience.

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