2018 Lincoln Continental Review

The 2018 Lincoln Continental doesn’t change much from its iconic re-debut from 2017. Lincoln’s flagship sedan was relaunched after 14 years of discontinuation, as the new and improved 2017 Lincoln Continental! While the 2018 version is pretty much the same, the differences are seen in the subtle rearranging of the options, features and packages.


The bold exterior of the 2018 Lincoln Continental remains unchanged from the 2017 version, which is a great thing as there’s pretty much nothing that needs updating! From the long and wide stance, the sleek and narrow LED headlights, the shiny mesh grille and the chrome accents throughout, the 2017 Continental certainly has some road presence!

The side profile of the Continental is perhaps the most drastic as it truly does justice to the pleasing overall shape. Adding the side accent lines, the chrome badge and the integrated door handles within the chrome beltline strip, all come together to bring the whole look together.

The rear end of the 2018 Continental ties in the entire look with the high end tail lights integrated into the full width LED strip, shark fin antenna and the chrome dual exhaust.

Overall, the 2018 Lincoln Continental has a Bentley-esk look and is instantly distinguishable as a luxury vehicle with its unique features and just the right amount of chrome. It also greets its driver with a projected Lincoln logo floor mat and a signature LED lighting sequence as you approach.


The 2018 Lincoln Continental’s inviting cabin is adorned with top notch leather, chrome and wood grain finishes throughout. The spacious interior offers plenty of leg, head and shoulder room for all occupants, while the cavernous trunk can hold large amounts of cargo. The interior is brightened by the full length panoramic sun roof, which immediately brings about an air of cheerfulness upon entry!

By far the most impressive interior feature is the front seats of the 2018 Continental. Supple leather adorns the plush seating, allowing for a comfy and supportive ride over long distances. The top of the line seats include a massaging feature, heating and cooling, and are adjustable in over 30 different directions including leg, side and head support plus 3 different lumbar adjustments.

The optional rear seat package in the 2018 Lincoln Continental always brings to mind the idea of being chauffeured around as a rear seat passenger, or being drive to and from the airport in luxury, comfort and style. While there is already plenty of leg room in the rear, the rear seat package also adds audio and climate controls to a much larger and plush center console arm rest, plus reclining, heated and cooled seats with the full range of adjustability and the included massaging feature. Modern day technologies combine with tried and true luxury experience to create one of the best rear seating environments available!


The 2018 Lincoln Continental truly showcases the legendary smooth, comfortable ride for which Lincoln has always been known. Smooth acceleration, minimal engine and road noise transfer and an amazing dampening system all contribute to a driving feeling similar to floating on a cloud. Luckily this modern version of a classic also brings a modern driving feel for the driver.

The top of the line 2018 Lincoln Continental is equipped with a 3.0L twin turbo, six cylinder engine outputting 400hp and pairs with a six speed transmission. This brings about plenty of power to haul around the large frame of this full sized sedan. Even when fully loaded there’s no straining from this engine when put to the test. The acceleration is smooth, linear and quiet when you want it to be, and punchy with a nice soundtrack when you’re in the mood for a spirited drive. Dynamic Torque Vectoring stops the Continental from suffering from torque steer typical with higher powered engines and front wheel drive cars.

Despite the full size of the 2018 Lincoln Continental, I found it quite easy to maneuver around the city, despite a short turning radius. The full array of sensors and cameras make easy work of parking and for those that don’t want to practice their parking skills, the Active Park Assist feature will parallel or reverse stall park the car for you automatically!


For a truly luxurious driving experience and a smooth and comfortable ride for all passengers, there’s really nothing better than the 2018 Lincoln Continental! The bold and unique exterior turns heads, the plush interior swaddles passengers and the supportive seats are some of the best and most customizable around. Overall, the unique 2018 Continental provides the true Lincoln experience!

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