3 Key Pickup Truck Accessories For New Owners

Pickup trucks are probably the most diverse vehicles on the planet. They mean so many things to so many people that you can’t classify them in a single bracket. Some are workhorses, some are family cars, and others are even daily drivers. The list of possibilities is virtually endless, as is the number of accessories for them as well. With such a large market, a lot of companies have come up with different products, but some are better than others. Here are three key pickup truck accessories which will make your truck a lot easier to live with, and help you boost/maintain its resale value.

Seat Covers

Pickups cover a lot more miles than your average sedan or SUV. They’re meant to be driven and that’s exactly what people do: drive them. Most trucks are considered in great shape even after 200,000 kilometers, i.e. the natural lifespan of a lot of normal cars. Whether your truck has covered more than that or less, investing in a set of quality seat covers can do miracles. For one, you’ll be preserving the state of your factory seats underneath and stop the wear and tear process. And secondly, you’ll have factory-like upholstery for everyday usage. Seat covers are relatively inexpensive but they offer tremendous value for money.

Fiberglass Canopies

Although a spray-in bedliner will protect your bed from bumps, scratches and dents, a canopy will offer the same with a lot more features on top. I mentioned the added protection from the elements, but a fiberglass canopy also protects whatever you have inside the bed from thieves. The good ones look factory-spec and come with a bullet proof locking mechanism, so getting inside the bed is almost impossible. They’re also great for keeping your stuff inside the bed when you’re driving along, and I personally think they add a lot of style to the pickup. Whether you’re after fibreglass ute canopies for a Toyota Hilux or a Nissan Navara, you can find them at great prices. The cost of purchasing a canopy and installing it will pay itself off in no time, trust us.

Running Boards

For larger pickups, getting in and out can be quite tricky, especially if you’re shorter. The long stretch needed to climb aboard is sometimes too much, but luckily, there’s a solution. Running boards are a great option if you want to add more practicality to your truck or just make it look cooler. They really do help it stand out, even though their main objective is to serve a practical purpose. You can find running boards for a cheap price, but the good ones will set you back around $300-$400. Installing them isn’t difficult, but you might need to have someone else do it if you’ve never worked on your own truck before.

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