6 Signs That You Are An Easily Distracted Driver



According to statistics, distractions are responsible for over 80% of all auto accidents. That’s pretty grim reading when you think about it – all those injuries, deaths, and financial impacts could all be avoided. Imagine the world where there were no driving distractions at all, and you will see a place where car accidents are a rarity, not at levels of over 10 million incidents every year. So the big question is – are you a distracted driver? Here are some of the common signs that might well give you the answer.

You listen to loud music

Studies have shown that moderate levels of music or radio will not significantly cause you distractions. However, the louder you turn up that dial, the more distracted you become. Try curbing the volume a little the next time you are in the car, and you should find yourself a lot more alert.

You are forgetful

After you learn, driving becomes an automatic process. But just because you haven’t had an accident so far does not make you a good driver – or that you can avoid distractions. It’s the other, less common car activities that will tell you if you are easily distracted or not. For example, if you often find yourself calling an unlock service because you leave your keys in a car with a locked door. Or, you might leave your car with your lights on, or forget to turn them on when it’s getting dark. If you are forgetful with these basic tasks on a regular basis, there’s a good chance you will be while driving, too.

You talk too much

There’s nothing inherently wrong with talking while driving. In fact, when you are driving a long distance it’s not a bad way of keeping yourself alert. The problems begin if you get too involved in a conversation. If you find it tricky to talk without turning your head or using hand gestures, it might be worth keeping your mouth shut.

You use your phone

If you can’t put your phone away while driving, there is a good chance you are too easily distracted to be driving at all. The simple fact is that using a cell phone in a car is dangerous, stupid, and irresponsible. Put your phone away entirely for ultimate safety – even your hands-free kit can distract you too much.



You have kids

Children can be the ultimate distraction in the car – and that spells trouble for any driver. Kids crave constant attention, and there is no way you can give it while you are behind the wheel. The demands they make, the screaming, the fighting with their siblings – it all makes for a stressful drive. Preparation is the key, here, and be ready to make plenty of pitstops. It’s just not worth trying to fight through the tantrums, as it could end with a serious incident involving you and your family.

You are a rubbernecker

Do you find yourself always on the lookout for interesting things? If so, you have a problem. Rubbernecking is natural, and it can be hard to fight the urge to take a peek at an accident, incident, or person of interest. But it can also be deadly. Keep your eyes on the road and save your urges for when you are on two feet.

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