8 Essentials to Prepare for your Summer Road Trip

­­­The wait is over and it’s finally time to load up your friends or family and strike out on that care-free summer road-trip. You might be eager to roll down the windows and turn the volume up on your favorite summer playlist, but taking just a few minutes to read through our 8 summer road tips will help you get the most of your adventure while avoiding unnecessary grief.

1.  Car Maintenance Essentials

You’re likely about to put on some serious miles and the last thing you want to worry about is a break-down. To help ensure your car is going to be safe and reliable for that long drive  we suggest dropping by your local car dealership before you leave so they can check the basics like fluid levels, brakes, and tires. It’s also strongly advised to double check that you have a spare tire and tools available in case you get a flat tire or blowout. If you’re looking to buy an affordable used car before the trip we recommend something certified pre-owned so you know it’s been thoroughly inspected and includes warranty.

Don’t leave important documents at home! Bringing along your driver’s license is clearly a must, but you should also double check that you have up to date insurance and registration. If you’re travelling outside the country you may also need to pack your passport

2. Keep It Clean

You’ll be spending far too many hours on the road to live in filth. Bringing a trash can, some garbage bags, and wet wipes can help keep things tidy during your trip,  but don’t forget to keep the exterior clean as well. We recommend stopping occasionally to clear the bugs and dirt from your car with a good wash. Not only will good car hygiene lengthen the life of your exterior, but it also improves safety to deliver maximum visibility from your headlights and mirrors.

3. So Many Credit Card Points

Sure, driving might be cheaper than flying but you’re still going to be spending money on gas, food, and accommodations so why not take the chance to rack up some credit card points?  Many credit cards offer more points for gas and grocery purchases so whether you’re saving travel points or redeeming cash, this is a golden opportunity.

4. Traveling Is All About The Food

Eating everything along the way is undoubtedly going to be one of the highlights of your journey. However, you’re also going to spending a ton of time in the vehicle so don’t forget to bring lots of water and travel snacks to keep you hydrated and tide you over between stops.

5. Emergency Preparedness

Do you have a first-aid kit in the vehicle? If you do that’s great, but otherwise you can put together a basic kit very easily. You’ll want to have the essentials on hand to be able to clean, disinfect, and bandage any minor injuries. In case of more severe injury or sickness you should make sure all travelers have some kind of health or travel insurance so you’re covered in those circumstances. Some of the most exciting travel activities like cliff jumping, atv’s, or just eating new food can be dangerous or make you sick.

6. Entertainment:

After hours and hours of driving it’s possible that your initial excitement has all but completely disappeared. Depending on your drive you may be surrounded by breathtaking views or something a lot less inspiring so it’s a good idea to bring along some books, movies, or games to keep you occupied – just don’t forget your chargers at home!

7. Navigation

Getting lost is one of the most common and frustrating things that can happen on a road-trip. You can improve your chances of avoiding this snag by making sure you have directions and contact numbers written down for your hotel or other destinations that you’re traveling to. For vehicles without GPS you can pull up either Google maps or Apple Maps on your smartphone for step by step directions.

8. Breaks/Timing

You do have to get where you’re going but don’t let that stop you from taking time out of your driving schedule just to soak up the scenery and atmosphere along the way. Driving can be exhausting so taking regular breaks and switching drivers can keep everyone a little happier.   Now that you’ve read through our 8 tips we’re confident you’ll have a safe and fun-filled summer road-trip!

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