A Super Car For Christmas?


The new McLaren Senna is a real thing of beauty. It almost looks like one of the toy cars which Santa’s elves would make in their workshop, but this is very real.

The car costs a whopping $1 million, and there will only be 500 if these made I the entire world. If you didn’t want one before, we bet you do now. This car is a designers dream, with those sleek, ergo dynamic curves all over the surface which we assume will allow it to reach incredible speeds on the road. The car has a horsepower or 789, which might not be the most amazing in the world, but it is still a whole league away from anything we have ever seen on our roads during everyday life. You could imagine almost immediately having to call your car crash lawyer if you had this beauty to take the kids to school in.

It seems almost a waste to put a car like this on domestic roads. This car will likely be a perfect addition to people’s car collections, or for rather rich folk to flaunt as they cruise down the highway. This car is possibly the most curvy we’ve seen for a long time, and certainly the most curvy McLaren design, the only pointer to its maker is possibly the roof, whereas the rest of the design is in a league of its own.

Unlike the P1, this car is not a hybrid, you’ll be glad to hear that this is a gas vehicle. This most likely means that this car will be set to beat McLarens own record for fastest production car from its predecessor. Described as an ‘aggressive, unforgiving machine’ by the press release for the vehicle, this car certainly helps to define what a boys toy really is. It is a macho, sleek, powerful, fast car: which is essentially what makes this car a man’s best friend.

This car is stripped of many of the modern comforts we come to expect in our modern cars. There are no buttons or switches on the wheel, no sat nav or flashing lights- this car has purposely stripped away the distractions so that the driver can simply enjoy the ride for themselves and concentrate on the road. You may also be surprised to see that this car has no air conditioning at all. Not one bit. Instead, the driver will have to reach upwards if they want to open the window for some fresh air– because the window controls are overhead rather than on the door.

And don’t think that you’ll have any tinting on theses windows either; if you do want to look through a window of this car, you will be able to see all the way through and out of the other side. We aren’t sure whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, but it certainly sets the machine apart from others on the road.

So, if your partner has a spare $1 million sitting in the bank this Christmas, you could sneak this onto your Christmas list alongside a pair of socks and some chocolate. Although, the closest you are likely to get to owning the McLaren Senna is a model version you can display in your office. Although, you might still get a bit of enjoyment out of that anyway.

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