Accident Advice: What Injuries Can You Suffer From a Car Crash?

Car accidents are horrific experiences. We all try to avoid them with safe driving, careful planning, and technology that’s built into each vehicle. Sadly, until engineers come up with a way to make a car 100% safe, accidents will undoubtedly happen.

Some vehicle crashes can cause complications in people several days after the crash has happened. Occasionally, our bodies can be slow to react to the pains and aches because we’re still in shock at the situation. If those complications aren’t dealt with, then it could lead to further problems in the future. To give you an idea of those problems, here’s a list of complications that can arise from a car crash.


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Brain Injuries

Damage to the brain can appear small and minor. Look for things such as slight personality changes, differences in behaviour, and adverse reactions to different emotions and medications. If you experience seizures, then it’s a worrying sign that the crash may have caused delayed brain damage. Seek medical advice immediately.

Eye Injuries

If you feel that your vision has weakened since the crash, then it could be a result of optic disorders. In extreme cases, this could lead to partial or total blindness. If your vision has worsened, then seek help from an optometrist immediately before it manifests into something worse.

Joint Injuries

Bones and joints can feel normal immediately after a crash due to the adrenaline rush and stress building up. However, if you feel that your joints are tough to move or become problematic, then it could be a sign that the crash has left your bones weakened. This can lead to dislocations in the future, so make sure to take x-ray scans to determine the problem.

Lung Injuries

Some people experience difficulty breathing after a crash. If you have trouble getting oxygen into your lungs, or feel that you have to take deeper breaths since the crash, then you might have an injury to your respiratory system. This can lead to complications such as heart attacks, strokes, or possibly even brain damage because your brain isn’t getting enough oxygen.

Skin Injuries

If you were cut or bruised by the car crash, then you could be susceptible to infections because your wounds were open at the time of the crash. This could lead to a number of different complications in the future, so make sure you book an appointment with your doctor if your scars and cuts feel more painful after the crash. As soon as your feel a cut or graze, make sure it’s disinfected before wrapping bandages around it on your own.

The Aftermath

It’s important to notice these issues after the crash. As mentioned before, these complications sometimes don’t appear until several days or hours after the crash, so make sure you attend regular check-ups if you are the victim of a car crash and ensure that your body is healthy and free of any complications. Even if you feel like there’s a minor injury that causes slight discomfort or pain, it’s better to be safe than sorry so you can avoid the long-term effects of an injury.

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