Accident Prone: The Safest Cars On The Current Market

In 2016 alone, over 700,000 people lost their lives on the road around the world. Whether through collisions with cars or other obstructions, this is an incredibly high number considering how safe modern vehicles are. Of course, that is before you look at the number of estimated accidents which have just caused injuries. At almost 20 million, this staggering statistic shows how careful modern road users have to be. Nowadays, safe driving isn’t the only thing drivers have to consider. Along with this, you need a safe car. This post will be going through two of the safest family cars of 2016, and why they should be considered for your next motor.

Subaru has long been known for their quality cars and good craftsmanship. A lot of their cars will last for decades without need of significant repair when they’re treated correctly. In recent years, though, Subaru has expanded their focus. Now, all of their cars feature top notch safety features and equipment, putting the Levorg at the top of the Euro NCAP 2016 list of safest family cars. With automatic braking, airbags in covering every angle, and a body which crumples, it’s easy to see how this car achieves its safety rating. The Levorg isn’t all business, either, with its top speed of 130Mph, you’ll have loads of fun in this car.

The Toyota Prius has been one of the most popular cars on the market for a very long time. With its hybrid engine, this car gives you the chance to save fuel while also having loads of fun. Along with this, this Toyota has automatic braking and speed assistance. In crash tests, the Prius protects not only the driver and occupants of the car but also pedestrians, too. Of course, a lot of cars are designed with features like this in mind. But, very few do the job quite as well as the Prius. Along with its safety and fuel efficiency, this car also boasts excellent reliability and build quality. Being the choice of taxi drivers everywhere, it’s easy to see that this car can out last most.

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In 2005 alone, over 200,000 car accidents went to court under personal injury claims. In over 60% of these cases, the plaintiff is the winning party. This is usually thanks to the people representing them, as lawyers will make the biggest difference in court. You can click here to learn more about services like this if you ever need to make a claim or need help defending yourself. Along with a good defense, though, the car itself can also impact an accident’s chances of going to court. If your car is designed to cause less injury, it is likely to be safer in an accident. This lowers the risk of anyone being hurt enough to warrant a case.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start looking for a safer car for your family. It’s important to consider safety on the road. You don’t necessarily have to buy a more expensive car to achieve this, though. Some companies consider safety to be standard regardless of the car you buy.

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