About Sean Mackay

Sean writes about cars, golf and events going on in British Columbia, Canada. He is also the editor for The Automotive Review - an automotive publication bringing a West Coast flavour to its editorials.

The Land Rover Defender: Not Dead Yet

There are plenty of classic car models that petrolheads will refer to time and time again: the classic ‘gullwing’ Mercedes 300 SL, a Nissan Skyline, the Shelby Cobra, the Land Rover Defender and plenty more. It’s that last one we’ll be focusing on today. The mighty Land Rover. It’s had… Continue reading

Keeping Control Of Car Consumables

Running a car is never a cheap endeavour. Unfortunately, when something has some many moving parts, it’s bound to lack in reliability. Modern car companies have worked hard in recent years to change this issue. But, despite their hard work, it’s still proving impossible to make a car completely maintenance… Continue reading

Another Hole-In-One For 2017’s Golf Facelift?

We can all wax lyrical over the power of the Volkswagen brand, as we have done looking at the 2016 Golf GTI. It’s been the number one choice for family drivers for years simply because they’re that reliable and they’re that obvious when it comes to design. They come from… Continue reading