Automotive Headaches We Could Do Without: How To Numb The Pain

Owning a car or any motor vehicle for that matter is a form of freedom. Getting out on the open road, heading in any direction you see fit. Going from one place to another with ease and generally making life much more convenient when it comes to daily errands, commuting to work and even enjoying a leisurely pace at the weekends. However, while there are so many positive advantages to owning a motor vehicle, there are unfortunately a few headaches that can go along with it.


Of course, there are no good points without some bad, but thankfully many of these motoring woes can be resolved very easily, or even avoided entirely with the right preparation. I thought I would share with you some of the most common issues we can all face with our motor vehicles, and offer a few tips and advice to help you resolve or avoid.


Can you avoid a breakdown?

It would be impossible to predict if at some point your car or motor vehicle will break down. But you can ensure that you take all the necessary measures to avoid it as best you can. Things will go wrong mechanically with your vehicle, or you may be lucky and have no issues.

Get breakdown cover

Having a breakdown cover for your vehicle is a great way to ensure that you are covered if you find yourself in this situation. Many policies include a home start, which means that you will be assisted with starting your vehicle if it won’t start at home. Roadside assistance which will help you if your car decides to break at the side of the road, and even help tow it to your local garage for repair. This can take away some of the major inconveniences and costs that can be insured when your car breaks down.

Keep your car regularly maintained and serviced

It is also essential to ensure that your car remains maintained and serviced following manufacturer’s guidelines. If you have an older car, then an extended warranty could be useful, but this will have it’s own set of guidelines to ensure that it remains valid. Your best bet would be to visit a garage or car dealership at least once a year. During these checks, the general wear and tear items will be observed, and in some cases you are provided with a likelihood of when these parts will need replacing, helping you to avoid any unnecessary breakdowns.


Check your car over before any long journeys

It is always important to check certain things on your vehicle before traveling any distance. For example, you may want to consider checking the oil levels. Leaving these low and traveling for a distance can cause major engine failure. You should also check other fluid levels within the engine, and ensure that your lights are all working at the rear.


What happens if you are involved in an accident?

Sometimes we find ourselves in unforeseen circumstances with our vehicles, and an accident is one of them. Whether you are at fault or find yourself to be subject to someone else’s driver failure, an accident can be an overwhelming situation to find yourself in.

Ensure you have a valid insurance policy

It’s the law to have a valid insurance policy on your vehicle, but in some cases, you can still lower the cost by having reduced coverage. These days to avoid any substantial costs it’s advisable to have a fully comprehensive insurance cover on your vehicle.

What to consider if you have been injured?

When you are involved in an accident, you may find that you become injured due to the impact or damage caused. This can be distressing. Ensure you see a doctor or visit a hospital to check for signs of injury. In some cases, people go on to seek justice for these injuries by claiming compensation. Establishments like The MM Law Firm – personal injury attorney could help advise you on the next steps to take. Whether you find yourself struggling severely, or even have minor issues, you may be in a position to claim if you were not at fault.

Keep calm under the pressure

When you are involved in an accident tensions can run high, so try and make sure you keep calm under pressure and control your emotions.


Taking better care of the condition of your vehicle

It isn’t always about the mechanical faults, but taking better care of the condition of your vehicle can help you avoid bigger issues further down the road.

Get your vehicle valeted

Your car doesn’t always need to be washed each week, but if you can, try and make sure either yourself or a company give it a valet regularly. This helps to keep the condition of your vehicle like new, and also stops any damage on wear and tear. A valet will also help to polish your paintwork, keeping it in good condition. If you can, consider having a paintwork and upholstery protection on your car.

Take care of the paintwork

In some cases, your car paintwork can get damaged. It could be scratched or dented by any multitude of scenarios such as car doors banging against it, or catching your bumpers on barriers, for example. If you find that you have damage on your car rectify it at your earliest convenience. This will avoid the paintwork getting further damaged or rusting. Resulting in a replaced panel or a bigger paint job in the future. Some dent and scratch companies will even visit you at home to avoid any inconvenience.

How about the value when it comes to selling?

Finally, at some point, you are going to want to sell your vehicle and upgrade. This can be daunting, especially in a dealership environment. You can feel pressured or overwhelmed. The best advice would be to do plenty of research before you enter a dealership or sell your vehicle. Don’t accept the first offer. Having kept your car well maintained and serviced, the likelihood is that the value for a good clean car should be appropriate. But do bear in mind that not taking care of these wear and tear issues can depreciate your vehicle further.

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