Can You Live Without Your Car? Weighing Up Your Options

Asking a keen driver if they can live without their car is like asking them if they can lose a limb. The answer is likely to be ‘no.’ For many people, driving is a passion, so not having a car is unthinkable. There are also the practicalities to consider, such as getting to work on time, doing the school-run, and having the flexibility to go where and when you want. However, before you give up on reading this article because the very idea of living without a car is a foolish one, consider the following to help you make a more qualified decision.


The costs

Owning a car is expensive, and while there are ways to save money when motoring, it is still important to factor in some of the regular costs involved. For example:

Fuel: Your car won’t go anywhere without fuel, and what you pay will depend on the size of your engine, the number of miles you do, and the fluctuating global economy which affects fuel prices.

Maintenance: An older car may be cheaper to buy, but you can expect to pay a lot of money in repair costs to keep it running. A newer car will also require maintenance from time to time, including a yearly service, and the repairs of any damage inflicted on your car by natural wear and tear or other drivers.

Insurance: This is mandatory, so you are breaking the law without it. The cost of insurance depends on your vehicle, location, and potential risk factors in having an accident.

Alternatives to driving

So, having considered some of the costs involved, there may be cheaper ways to get around town. For example:

Public transport: If you live in an urban setting, public transport may be cheaper than owning a car. Buses and trains run regularly, and they may be cheaper when commuting.

Walking: If you don’t travel long distances, walking is your cheapest (and healthiest) option available to you.

Renting a car: If you don’t use your car on a regular basis, but only in specific situations, such as business trips, then using a service such as Burswood Car Rentals may be a valid option.

Using Uber: This on-demand taxi service has become increasingly popular, and you can easily book a ride when you need it on your smartphone. If you need to get across town in a hurry or require a lift home from the supermarket, this is a convenient way to travel.

Decision time

Knowing whether you can live with a car or not is subjective. However, try leaving your car on the drive for a week and use the alternatives we mentioned. Compare the costs, and consider whether they are a viable alternative for your lifestyle. Not only will you be cutting down on fuel, but you will save on parking prices, too. If you find you can make massive savings, and you are not too inconvenienced, you could give up your car. Of course, if your car is your pride and joy, you can probably put up with the expense. Ultimately, it’s up to you!

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