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Peugeot cars have had a bit of a renaissance in recent years. Not so long ago the idea of buying a Peugeot would prompt long conversations about reliability issues. However, the French car maker has taken a step towards the right direction. With this in mind, we thought we would have a look at the Peugeot 108 – the smallest and budget-friendliest little car on their books.


OK, so diving straight in and it’s apparent that the 108 looks nice for a small car. It has some aerodynamic design that it pulls off very well and looks sporty enough to appeal to the mainstream driver. It’s not going to draw admiring glances, of course, but it won’t cause sniggers, either. In short, it is compact and pleasant to look at.


Where things are OK outside, they feel a bit cheap on the inside. There’s a good amount of technology available that can link up to your smartphone for taking calls and listening to music. But, for the most part, there’s nothing to write home about. You might want to pay for some of the upgrades if you are buying new, which should bring an extra touch of class to proceedings.


The front seats are quite spacious, but things get more uncomfortable for adults in the back. There isn’t much legroom in there, which will no doubt cause friction if you are running a car share. However, families with kids will squeeze in a couple of child seats without much of a problem. The boot is small, and it certainly won’t suffice for a holiday. However, the 108 is designed more for getting around a city.


It’s fair to say that the 108’s driving abilities are functional. There is nothing exciting about being behind the wheel of this particular Peugeot, but equally, there isn’t much that lets it down. Steering is nice and light and easy to control while the windscreen gives a good view of the road ahead. One thing to consider is that it can take a while to get to speed on the motorway. Again, this emphasises the city-based nature of the car.


Economy is where the 108 excels. For starters, you get a first year of tax entirely free of charge because it emits less than its quota of CO2. It also has an eco-friendly fuel consumption rate – up to 75mpg if you are a careful driver. In terms of other city cars, it comfortably matches them. And the price makes them a better option from the start.


Brand new, a Peugeot 108 will cost you less than £9,000, which is hard to ignore. That price is likely to come down a little as time goes by, too. There are some good deals to be had, so make sure to have a good look around. For example, a quick glance at reveals plenty. Peugeot are strapping on three years insurance, car tax, servicing and roadside assistance for finance options. If anything, that signifies a genuine belief by Peugeot that they aren’t expecting much to go wrong with the 108.


Overall, the Peugeot 108 isn’t a bad little car for nipping about town. It’s small, practical and cost-efficient to run. While it certainly isn’t ideal for larger families and struggles on the motorway, there is much to admire – particularly the price point.

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