Contacts That Every Vehicle Owner Should Have on Speed Dial

When you first pass your test and take to the roads, you’re in high spirits. You’re embracing a whole newfound sense of freedom where you can head out where you want when you want. So precautions don’t tend to be your focus. However, there are various things that can go wrong on the roads for anyone, never mind a relatively inexperienced driver. Chances are that you don’t have much previous experience of breakdowns, accidents, and vehicle damage. So, it’s important that you have the right people on hand in order to keep things running smoothly and efficiently if things do unfortunately take a turn for the worse. Here are a few contacts that every driver should have on speed dial, or at least saved in their contact list!

Breakdown Cover

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Some vehicles are more likely to break down than others. Classic cars in particular experience more breakdowns than any other kind of vehicle. But no matter what kind of car you have, whether old or brand new, you need to be signed up to some sort of breakdown cover. Breakdown cover will provide you with assistance wherever your vehicle decides to stop working, whether this is on your drive at home, a friend’s street, or the hard shoulder on a dual carriageway or motorway.

A Reliable Mechanic

Once your vehicle has been collected, it’s going to need repair. Breakdown cover doesn’t necessarily offer you a mechanic, and if you don’t have a particular one you want your vehicle to be taken to, they’ll simply recover your vehicle and transport it to the nearest garage. Chances are that you won’t be familiar with the individuals working here, won’t have a working relationship with them, and could be charged any price! Having a reliable mechanic in mind will ensure that you know where to have your car taken when things go wrong, and you need fast and cost-effective Auto Repair.


Every vehicle that is on the road needs insurance. This is a legal requirement that we are all well aware of. But what’s the point of having a policy if you’re unable to get in touch with your provider when an accident does occur? If you do find yourself in a predicament, take the other individuals’ details, give them yours, and move your car to a safe location if possible. Once everything is safe and secure, have your insurance company’s number on hand so that you can call straight away and start planning what happens next. There’s no point in trying to avoid this process, and it’s always beneficial to make a claim or put in your part when the incident remains fresh in your memory.

There are plenty more vehicle-related contacts that you might want to keep close to hand. But the above three are perhaps the most important and those who you will need most urgently if their services are required. So, establish your professional working relationships with each and ensure that you can always get in touch with them when needs must.

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