Customize Your Car: How To Make It Feel More Unique

Buying a new car or picking up a used model can be an exciting new venture. But you can often get a little tired of seeing the same old styles time and time again. When you find a car you like, you tend to notice it on the road a lot more and then, it becomes boring.

So how can you stop that from happening? When you fall in love with a car make and model, it’s time to talk customisation. By making a few small and simple tweaks, you can make your car a little more unique. Aside from it feeling more like your own, you might also find a unique car is easier to find if you’re ever a victim of car theft.

Choose A Colour

First up, you could work on choosing a more rare colour when you’re looking to buy. Whether you’re choosing the paintwork before buying new, or on the lookout for something pre-owned, you can choose something that stands out and changes the overall look and feel of the car, like green or orange. Or, if you already own your car, you could consider spraying options and prices too.

Personalise The Registration Plate

Another way to make a car feel like your own is to add your own reg. We all know that cars come with a standard combination of 7 letters and numbers, with the year of creation in the first part. But if you want to add your name, or go for an alternative combination of 6 letters and numbers, a customised registration plate could be the idea for you. Take a look at the options you have online, like the personalised number plates from Absolute Reg, and see if any feel right for you.

Cover Your Seats

When you buy new, you can often choose the interior design of your car. But, if you’re buying a car that’s a few years old, you might not be keen on the design already chosen. Thankfully, there is an inexpensive option available to you here. A range of car seat covers are available to help you customise your interiors, without it costing the earth.

Change The Rims

And back to the outside we go. Sometimes, a cool looking car can come with bog-standard rims that make it look tacky. When that’s the case, think about changing them. When you know what size wheels your car has, you can look into alternate options that can easily be changed. Or, alternatively, you could look at changing your wheel and tyre size to something you like more.


Another option for customisation for both the interior and the exterior would be to accessorise your car where possible. Stickers and wraps can be great ideas for changing the design of your paintwork, especially if you’re looking to add a retro edge. If you want to cosy up your car, then the addition of cushions or fluffy dice could do the trick and make you feel more at home.

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