Distracted Driving: The Top Distractions Leading to Accidents

Distracted driving causes thousands of accidents each year, and the problem might only be getting worse. People do all kinds of things at the wheel that can take their eyes and their mind off the road. When you’re driving, you need to give the task your full attention so that you can react at a moment’s notice. Being aware of the top distractions can help you start to avoid distracted driving.

Being Generally Distracted

The number one cause of distracted driving isn’t even a particular object or even. It’s being lost in thought or just generally feeling distracted. People who are thinking about what to have for dinner or what they need to do when they get to work account for the majority of distracted driving accidents.


Phones have become an increasingly common distraction for drivers. Whether it’s talking on your cell phone, sending a text, or changing your music, it can take your eyes and your thoughts off the road. It only takes a second to cause an accident.

Outside the Car

People or things outside the car are a significant cause of distracted driving accidents too. This can include anything from seeing a friend walk past to witnessing an accident on the road, which can then cause you to crash too.


Other people in the car can also cause people to become distracted. Children or even friends, particularly for young drivers, can demand the driver’s attention and cause them to turn away from looking at the road. Pets can also be distracting, so it’s important to make sure they are always secured.

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