Drive On The Wild Side With The Subaru Crosstrek

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If you love going on adventures and exploring the outdoors, you need a car that matches that purpose. You need one that is rugged enough to handle the different terrains, spacious enough to take the whole family and powerful enough to tackle the problems you might encounter on and off the road. If you want all this and so much more, look no further than the Subaru Crosstrek. On this post, we’re going to look in depth at the new 2017 version of this car and discover why it could be the perfect vehicle for you.

It’s Priced Right

Too often when you look for an all-terrain vehicle, you’re trapped by the massive weight of the different prices. For instance, if you were so inclined to pick up a Land Rover or Range Rover, you would have to pay a cost of at least 60K. The Subaru is priced at a far more friendly and comfortable 25K. That’s less than half the cost of a high end off road machine, and the truth is that extra  30K doesn’t give you much more. Sure it adds a little more luxury and a few more feet of space. But if you’re just looking for a car to get you from A to B on rough roads, this could be the one you need. Paul Moak Subaru and similar sellers can even give you deals on these bad boys below the market asking price. So, you can save even more money. And what will you be getting for that cash?

All Access, Anywhere

A car that can take you on any road or track and handle all the terrains you can throw at it. Subaru have given this car over eight inches of ground clearance which is more than enough space for those difficult bumps on the road. On top of this, Subaru have been quick to highlight the feats this car can accomplish in a special video that we encourage you to watch. In short, it shows that the Crosstrek could be a fantastic machine for your next vacation exploring the outdoors.

But what about on the more traditional surfaces? Well, if you’re worried about driving on wet or icy roads, you should have no issue with this vehicle. The four wheel drive is perfect for handling the toughest, slippery roads. As well as this, Subaru claims that the new vehicle is also more fuel efficient. Though actual figures based on MPG haven’t been released, considering the engine has been upgraded, this would make sense.

New Tech

Finally, the new Crosstrek also arrives on the market with some startling new tech including an impressive auto-braking system. The Eyesight system will be included in all 2017 Subarus including the Crosstrek, and it will also come with lane control. This will stop you drifting into another lane when you’re driving making the Crosstrek one of the safest four-wheel drive cars on the market.

So what do you think? Is this the right machine for you?

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