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We’re always talking about how you can save money on your car. For most of us, our vehicles are the most expensive purchases we make aside from our homes. So, it makes sense we’d want to keep costs down. But, it’s possible our focus is in the wrong place. While saving money is essential, the amounts saved usually aren’t that great.

By comparison, the money making capability of your vehicle is worth your attention. Whether you turn it into a full-time career, or just earn on the side, your vehicle could pay for itself and more. It may seem surprising because it’s not something we hear enough about. But, get the right transport for the right job, and you could see your earnings double. Here’s how.

Takeout Driver

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Takeout driving is a fantastic option, because you can fit it around your life. If you operate through a company like grubhub.com, you can choose any hours which suit. Not to mention that you stand to earn an average $13 an hour, and keep all tips. Isn’t that the money-making scheme from heaven? Sure, it means driving around in your downtime. But, even one evening a week could help subsidise your living. It’ll certainly pay for your vehicle and any repairs.

Speaking of which, it’s worth considering your vehicle of choice with this in mind. A bulky car which drives slowly won’t make this option cost efficient. It may, instead, be worth looking into a motorcycle from companies like TexasBestUsedMotorcycles.com. This way, you save money on your outward expense and ensure you can deliver fast. Motorcycles are nippy, remember. You’ll be able to deliver more quickly, and so pick up more jobs. More jobs = more tips, and a worthwhile night of working.

Taxi Driver

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You don’t need us to tell you about the beast that is Uber. This freelance taxi company has taken the world by storm. It’s changed the way we use taxis. And, many Uber drivers report earning an average of $22.54 per hour. This goes up even higher if you operate at peak times. Again, this option offers full flexibility, with drivers working on a freelance basis. Plus, you don’t need to worry about letting strange people into your car. Every driver is given a choice to research customers and decline if they feel unsafe.

Bear in mind that some vehicles make Uber a more lucrative option than others. Cars such as the Toyota Prius and Ford Fusion are particular favorites due to their space and economy. Do your research before deciding which Uber vehicle is for you.


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If you want to earn without effort, you could opt to turn your car into a driving advertisement. While this option isn’t for the car-conscious, it’s perfect if you aren’t concerned with how your vehicle looks. By heading to sites like myfreecar.com and signing up to use your car to advertise, you stand to earn up to $400 a month. That’s difficult for anyone to shake a stick at!

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