Electric Luxury: Full Test of the 2014 Tesla Model S 60

2014 Tesla Model S 60
The future does not seem so amazing here, parked behind a grocery store in suburban Toledo, Ohio. It is raining, and without a canopy of protective solar panels over this particular Tesla Supercharger station, the one closest to our Ann Arbor, Michigan, office, we are resigned to sitting in the car while it replenishes its battery. Were it not for the Model S’s navigation system, part of the $ 3750 Tech package, we would never have found the location. No signs on the main road direct drivers this way, no structure identifies this solitary bank of six DC chargers as anything at all. Small, red placards like those that decorate parking garages proclaim, “Tesla Electric Vehicle Parking,” but that’s the extent of any notice that this spot is, in fact, part of something much larger. READ MORE ››

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