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It will happen to us all at one point or another. You will stop drooling over the latest Ferrari and be more realistic. You are going to have to start look towards the future. Some of you might already need a family car. You could be about to have your second child. A gorgeous two-seater speedster is no longer fit for purpose. Although there is a bright side. You are now the car company’s most valuable customer. For that reason, there are some great deals on fantastic family cars available. You can still own a beautiful looking machine. Let me show you what I mean.

Volkswagen Golf


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I bet that surprised you. Is the Golf a family car? It is classed as one and why should it not be? It has got plenty of room in the back for the little ones and is quite energy efficient. You will save a fortune on fuel and look good doing it. Golfs are a very fashionable drive right now. Did you think I would start you off with a hard sell? The Golf Hatchback is more powerful than some models of Porsche. But ranging between seventeen and twenty-seven grand the Golf is a rather expensive little car.  Perhaps we should move on.

Ford B-Max Mini MPV

Ah, now this one will save you some pennies. Available to buy at thirteen thousand pounds without any added extras the car is a steal. Ford’s latest swing at a family car is very stylish and practical. The rear sliding doors make strapping small children in a cinch, and there is plenty of space. It is a lot smaller than the next car on the list but could be perfect if you are looking for a family car that is great value for money.

Skoda Yeti SUV

Who would like to scare off a few of the other mums on the drive to school drop off? The Yeti, named not too subtly after the ferocious beast, is exactly that. It commonly rates high with families because it is both spacious and powerful. It is a brilliant machine that you can rely on to get where you want to go in no time. Due to its popularity you can find used car parts at low prices online. We are not saying you will need them, but it is always nice to have a safety net. The Skoda Yeti can also be purchased with four by four drive. It may not be a Landrover, but it has the heart one. You can catch a Yeti now for between twenty and thirty grand.

Mercedes S-Class


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How about having your cake and eating it too? Buy a family car that still has that sports car edge. The Mercedes is the perfect choice for this. Now, I know what you are thinking. A Mercedes is too expensive to be considered a family car. Well, not if you buy it pre-owned. A pre-owned car can still be a great choice for your family. With a little bit of elbow grease, you will have the family car you always dreamed of. It has enough space to fit a whole family in comfortably while adding some class to your drive.

There you have it. Four ideas just to get you started when you are out on the car market. Do remember though, if you buy a used car, make sure you check it thoroughly.

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