Feel The Need For Speed? Make These Mods To Your Ride

Do you ever wish your car could be faster, like lightning on the roads? Often, people who have vehicles that are fairly shodd feel this way and want to make improvements to ensure their ride is a little more fun. Well, you can. There are numerous changes that you can make to your vehicle that will make it a faster ride and a lot more fun on those twists and turns. Let’s look at some of the changes you can make.

Tuning The CPU

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If you have a modern car, there is a control processing unit at the heart of it, similar to your typical computer. This has all the information to ensure that the car works effectively. It does everything from ensuring that the windows wind down to sending message to put the car in gear. Cool, but it also has restrictions. A lot of fast cars like BMWs can go a lot faster than their official top speed. The CPU puts a cap on the speed, stopping it from taking off like a jet engine. You can tweak the settings, play around with it a little until the car is a completely different vehicle on the roads. Usually, this is a service for more expensive cars like A BMW, and it requires the professional touch. It’s the equivalent of hacking your car.

Fuel Injection

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To understand this, you need to know a little about how the engine underneath the hood of your car works. Fuel pulses through the car engine and then it lights powering the engine, leading your car to speed along the road beautifully. With fuel injection, you can essentially fine tune this process, adding a little oomph when the car accelerates. With the right type of fuel injection you can definitely improve the typical acceleration speed and maybe even hit 60 a little faster. It’s not quite how they’ve shown it on the Fast & Furious film franchise, but it can still be rather effective.

New Tyres

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Older tyres will make your car slower for one important reason. The tread will be worn away, giving your car far less grip on the roads. This means that you won’t be able to take the corners fast without the danger of losing control and you definitely don’t want that. With new, sports tyres that you can purchase from sites such as ameauto.com.au, you can improve the handling, thus making the vehicle a lot faster on the roads. When they test cars, they have to change the tyres every few seconds because racing wears them out so fast. So, the faster you drive, the more you’ll need to upgrade the tyres to keep the speed.

Old Cars

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It’s difficult to improve the speed on older cars but not impossible. The best way to do this is to cut the weight. If you’re using your car purely for fast driving purposes, remove the seats, get rid of the air con and add a couple lightweight racing seats. Take everything out of the trunk and make sure that there’s nothing rolling around underneath the seats. You can make bigger changes too, but even this will lead to a notable difference in how fast your car will travel. You can learn more about making your car go faster on motoring.com.au.

Have fun on the road with your new faster machine once you take this advice.  

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