Forget The Right Car, Get The Right Engine

You might be thinking about buying a new car. If that’s the case, then you have a lot different engine types to choose from. You could opt for the diesel, electric, a hybrid or perhaps even a typical gas engine. Here are some facts about each option that should help you make the right decision when you make a purchase like this. Let’s start by thinking about the possibility of going for an electric car.

It’s Electrifying!

Well, not quite. Unfortunately, electric cars while great in theory aren’t as brilliant as they should be in practice. The first thing you need to understand about electric cars is that they are incredibly expensive. In fact, it will cost you a fortune to repair an electric car due to the sophisticated tech underneath the hood. What about the fuel costs? Research shows that you will pay just as much for electric as you would driving a petrol engine. So, while a car like this might be good for the environment, it won’t be great for your wallet. There’s also the slight yet significant issue of mileage. The latest electric cars will drive the typical distance of a petrol car without a charge up, but you will have to pay a fortune to get your hands on one like this.

It’s Electric Jim But Not Quite As We Know It

Alternatively, you could choose to get a hybrid. This is a sort of ‘best of both worlds’ situation where you still have a gas engine mixed with an electric motor. That means that if the buzz in your motor runs out of steam, you can still continue with the gas in the tank. It’s also more eco-friendly compared to standard petrol engines. The good news is that high-end hybrids are cheaper than high end full electric cars. Unfortunately, the big issues with hybrids are that research has revealed that making them costs a lot of carbon emissions. Therefore, your eco offset isn’t as great as it first seems or as they told you it would be.

It’s A New Age

You might think that diesel is the worst type of car that you can buy. After all, aren’t they the biggest pollutants? Well, don’t be so sure because these days you can benefit from green diesel. This is better for the environment and will help you save fuel too. As well as this, diesel engines are rather powerful and cheap to repair. Diesel truck mechanics ensure that the cost of repairing a diesel engine is kept low for the business owner and private owners alike.

Petrol Pro

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Of course, you could always choose to stick with petrol, but this is perhaps the worst possibility. You don’t get the benefit of being eco-friendly, nor will you be choosing the most fuel efficient option. You’ll also find that you don’t have the same power level of diesel engines. So, the only benefit is that petrol vehicles are actually the cheapest to purchase. But you’ll still be losing the most money in the long term.

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