Four of 2015’s Hottest Hatchbacks

Looking into buying a new car? Then maybe you should think about purchasing a hot hatchback. A hot hatchback is a catchy way of saying: it may not look like a sports car, but it drives like one. If you are purchasing your first vehicle, this could be the perfect type for you. You may even just want a fast little speeder to get from A to B. Stop off at C for fuel but do not expect to make too many unplanned breaks in your schedule. Some of these automobiles are very fuel efficient. Here is a list of the four best hot hatchbacks currently on the market.

Ford Fiesta ST


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First on the track is Ford’s answer for drivers who like a bit of fun injected into their lives. The Ford Fiesta GT has superb handling. Have you ever felt as though your car is taking you for a ride? Once you sit in this driver’s seat you will know how complete control feels. The steering is light yet steady. The power of this machines acceleration will take some drivers by surprise. It arrives with a  sleek, stylish finish that makes it stand out from competitors. This could be the car for you.

Volkswagen Golf GTI

Then again, approaching rapidly from around the bend is Volkswagen’s latest little speedster. Improvements have been made to this hatchback classic. Even drivers familiar with the Golf will feel like they are driving an entirely new car. This machine packs a punch. Using all the might of its two-litre engine, it will reach sixty miles per hour in five seconds. It is big enough to masquerade as a family car.  Unlike the ford fiesta, it will still be an enjoyable ride at smaller speeds. However, at £26,000 it is pricey. Of course, you could always buy one of the earlier models. They are available at far lower prices from companies like Carco Group.

BMW M135i

Speeding into third place is BMW’s most recent hatchback. Proving size is not everything this is one powerful beast. It will reach 60 mph in under six seconds, putting most of the other competitors to shame. But it is bulky and while it may feel fun to ride around in it looks more ostentatious than sporty. This is the perfect example of a hybrid hot hatch family car. It looks great, but it will cost you with prices starting at just over £31,000. However, if that does not put you off, Top Gear has a full review. You may also be interested at looking into more family orientated cars like Volvos.

Suzuki Swift Sport Hatchback

Last but not least in fourth place is the Swift Sport. This car could earn its place on the list for price alone. Bought new, prices begin at under £15,000, and it is perfect for those long, bendy roads. Reaching 0-60 at over eight seconds this pocket monster is not the fastest hatchback out there. It is also not one of the most recognisable or fashionable brands. But with a brilliant suspension and sturdy grip it has added spirit.

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