Getting Some Pride Back In Your Old Banger

Sometimes we wish we could trade in our old car for a new one, but unfortunately, it’s not financially feasible, unless you’ve got a spare wad of cash after Christmas. However, when we get bored of our old banger, and it fails yet another MOT, are there any ways we can reinvigorate our old clapped out car that doesn’t cost so much money?

Replace The Exterior

This is the best place to begin; getting a new paint job will totally reinvigorate the look of your car, and get you a bit more pride in your vehicle. However, a new paint job can cost a lot, but there are ways around it. You can purchase vehicle wraps that can add a new layer of style to your car; there are companies like Lucent Wraps that provides stylish wraps for all sorts of vehicles. So, if you are driving a Morris Minor, the style can be pepped up somewhat! Likewise, the wheels are a little thing that can make a big difference to the exterior appearance. The thing is if you have an old car that you bought for cheap, the wheels that came with it actually were cheap, and so over time, they will begin to show their age. So, you can always go for a bit of style such as by adding alloys, but keep it in the style of your car, as it may be a good idea at the time, but your Reliant Robin doesn’t particularly need custom alloy wheels!


Get The Shampoo Out!

If you are a taxi service for your family and drive-throughs are a regular appearance in your life, your seats and upholstery will benefit from a regular shampoo. For cars that have leather seats, the shampooing and polishing of the services can really reinvigorate the look, and it can almost look like new! And if you’ve got children that like to rub their grubby fingers all over the windows, it can always benefit from a clean, inside and out. But be sure to wipe your windows down with a microfiber cloth, as this will help to reduce streaks!

Repair Those Dents And Scratches

The most annoying thing when you have an old car is that there are so many superficial issues, that it can be very annoying, not to mention costly, to repair a lot of them. But for something like dents and scratches, you can help to prevent future damage by using methods such as suction, where you can un-dent your vehicle. And remember, there are plenty of scratch repair pens if you’ve got small scratches that haven’t penetrated the top layer.

Just Clean The Thing!

If you really lack in pride in your old vehicle, then maybe it’s time to get the vacuum out and clean it from top to bottom. There are so many little issues we can have, but at least was something like the general tidiness of your vehicle; you can do something about it!

We all get fed up with our car from time to time. And apart from the expensive fixes, there are a few little things that can be done, so do them!

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