Getting The Most Out Of Your Motorbike

Are you getting on two wheels for Christmas? Remember that like a puppy, a motorcycle is for life, not just for the holiday season!


Purchasing a motorbike is a great, and sometimes brave, choice. No-body is going to lie to you, you’ve got to be brave to get on a motorbike each and every single day. That doesn’t mean you should be scared though!

Take it easy when starting off and you’ll have the basics under wraps in no time at all. Once you’ve learned all the techniques you need after completing your basic training, it might be time to take a look at your bike. Are you getting enough out of it? Are you getting the most out of your new motorbike?

The first thing you, as a rider, should look at is the cleaning and maintenance of your bike. Most of the inner workings of your bike are exposed, like the engine and exhaust systems. This means that cleaning and maintenance should be an absolute priority for you as a rider.

An oil change is the first thing you should consider, especially if your bike has had a previous owner. Oil is what will lubricate your bike’s engine, so it’s essential that it is kept clean. Oil spreads around the engine of your bike and if it is not changed, dirt and grime will build up and become a passenger to your oil as it makes its way around your bike. This is something you want to avoid.

As well as oil, consider changing the air filter on your bike. The air filter operate as the lungs of the bike. Will you be able to run far if your lungs are full of crude? No. The same goes for your bike. Change the air filter to get a little more from it. This is an effective, easy and cheap change that you should be researching.

As for cleaning? This is something you should often do. Dirt and insects shouldn’t have a home on the frame of your bike at all as this can create acidic compounds that will eat away at your paintwork. Clean your bike and wax it to prevent water from seeping into any cracks. Dirt will also corrode the metals of your bike and if you can deal with rusty handlebars, you certainly won’t be able to work with a rusty engine. Clean the frame to ensure that no future problems arise.

The tyres are pretty much the be-all-and-end-all of your motorcycle. If they are worn, not only are they a major danger to your safety, but they are going to affect your handling and fuel consumption. If you don’t want to waste money, get your tyres changed if they are wearing out. Remember that the tyres are the only thing connecting you to the road so they should be seen as a priority.

If you’re uncertain about anything, consult an engineer or look at a site like Bikers Basics. You should educate yourself about your bike, but if you can’t, there is always help available.

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