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Modern cars are filled with so many gadgets and gizmos, that they’re bound to fail at some point. Usually, this is on the commute to work or halfway through a long trip. Wherever the breakdown, though, it’s always a pain. It’s hard to imagine life without a car. Even the little things, like popping to the shops for some milk, are made that much harder. But, where modern technology causes problems, it can usually solve them. This is where this post comes in. With some clever planning, you can assemble a your own pit crew that will be on call 24/7.

  • Lost or locked in keys

Everyone knows the frustration that’s brought on by being locked out of the car. Especially when you can see the keys, sat on the car seat or in the ignition. In older cars, locks are usually a simple mechanical mechanism. This makes it easy to build a makeshift rod to unlock the car. Obviously, having cars that are so easy to unlock is a problem. So, car manufacturers have started using much more complicated locking methods. If you try to unlock a newer car with force, you’re only going to make the problem worse. Instead, you should call an auto locksmith. Having a number saved on your mobile phone for this very emergency could save you a ton of stress in the future.

  • Punctured tires

Roadside punctures account for a huge percentage of breakdowns. If you’ve ever experienced one, you’ll know the stress. You have cars zooming by, without regard for your safety. You’re probably in a rush to get somewhere. And, if you’re unlucky, there might not even be a spare wheel in the boot. In most cases, even if you do have a spare, it’s much safer to let a professional do the hard work. Having a phone number for a local tyre fitter will give you access to puncture repair and even roadside wheel replacement.

  • Windscreen chips and cracks

For some cars, a windscreen can set you back thousands. And, even cheap ones will still cost you an arm and a leg. It’s also quite risky to drive with a chipped windscreen, and even more so if the windscreen is actually cracked. It hampers your vision and creates a distraction. And, the overall strength of the windscreen is massively reduced. In most places, though, you can have your windscreen insured. For a lot of modern cars, windscreens are easy to source. So, depending on your car, a service could even replace the windscreen roadside. Just make sure to have their number saved!


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  • Breakdowns

There’s nothing more troubling than finding your car unable to start or breaking down mid-journey. Fortunately, much like your windscreen, you can get cover for this very instance. Some problems can’t be fixed roadside. But, in these cases, you’ll usually be given a courtesy car. Breakdown cover isn’t too expensive and could save you in a pinch.

Hopefully, this will help you to get your car troubles set out and sorted. The most important thing to do is keeping a record of people who can help you. It’s all well and good knowing about a company, but if you don’t have their number, you’ll still be lost.

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