Here’s How to Wash Your Car Correctly and Protect it From Rust

We all wash our car, but do you wash yours in the correct way that will help to fend off dust for a long time to come. It’s worth thinking about that because even people who think they’re good at washing their car experience rust problems with it later on. It can be avoided however, so don’t get too down about it; here’s how.

Get Into the Habit of Washing Your Car Once Every Two Weeks

The routine matters as much as anything else when it comes to preventing rust on your car. Lots of people think that you only need to wash your car every couple of months or so and anything more than that is excessive, but it’s simply not true. Rust can take hold fast and if you’re leaving it too long between washing your car you won’t be able to cut it out and it’ll have chance to spread so wash your car once every two weeks.

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Be Careful to Banish Salt

Salt is the number one cause of rust on your vehicle so it’s about time you started taking steps to banish salt from anywhere near your car. This is a particular risk during the winter months when salt is put down on the roads to combat the ice and snow. By spraying the car down with cold water before and after every journey, you will be able to completely damage any excess salt that might be present.

Use Separate Sponges When Washing

Every time you come to wash your car, you should have two separate sponges for two separate jobs. It’s impossible to overemphasise how important this is because you can spread the grime, debris and salt that leads to rust if you’re not careful. For the wheels and tires of your car, use one sponge. Use a different one to wash the rest of the car. It’s such a simple tip but it has a massive impact on your car.

Wipe Down the Car Before Use

Another thing you can do is wipe down your car before you come to use it. By doing this, you’ll get it prepared for the journey ahead safe in the  knowledge that there’s nothing lurking on your car that could cause it problems with rust. You can use microfiber car wash towels to do this because they can be used dry or wet. It can be done very quickly but it’s a good precautionary measure.

Purchase a Rust-Preventing Spray

People often ask which products they should use when washing and protecting their car. The truth is you don’t need to have all that many fancy products because it’s just not necessary. However, one product you should invest in is a good rust-preventing spray. It can be used as a part of your ordinary washing routine so it’s easy to apply to the car.

If you love your car, you need to make sure you’re looking after it properly and carefully. Do that by taking onboard the things highlighted above.

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