Here’s Why I Go For An Aygo On The Used Car Marketplace


For most modern car buyers, the used marketplace is a very appealing option. Let’s face it; when you get it right, you’ll always get better value for money when taking this option. However, with so many great models on the market, finding the right one for you can be a little challenging. But you can’t go far wrong with an Aygo.

 Toyota’s city car has been a major player in the market ever since its 2005 release. More specifically, it has been one of the most popular models for used vehicle buyers for some time too. Those high figures paint a pretty clear picture alone. The fact that Japanese manufacturer is a name to be trusted only further puts those initial fears to bed.

The Aygo’s lifespan is quite pleasing too. Even the earliest editions have life in them as long as they are treated well. Meanwhile, the sheer volume of models from different years and releases ensures that motorists can often secure a great deal on the price. Most used dealerships will stock at least a handful of Aygo’s at any one time, and that puts the power in your hands. Given that value for money is top of the agenda, this has to be a positive factor.



Money isn’t the only thing to consider when buying a car, though. The three-cylinder engine has been a mainstay throughout the Aygo’s existence. And this provides a fun driving experience with great handling. Right now, we’d be looking at the 2015 x-play as it’s old enough to be cheap without being old enough to suffer major problems. However, any model from the second generation (2014 onwards) is sure to offer plenty of power and thrills. Still, you could do a lot worse than the first generation too.

 In truth, you’ll be lucky to find your perfect Aygo on the used marketplace. Then again, this could be said for any model. Finding a Toyota auto mechanic is hardly the most challenging of tasks, though. Therefore, repairing damaged parts and adding personal touches to an Aygo is affordable and easy. When coupled with simple jobs like clearing the air vents, the vehicle will be back to its former glory in no time.

 When the Toyota is purring, it is a joy to drive. The zippy city driving elements are ideal for most modern drivers. Moreover, the small dimensions combined with a relatively high seating position are great for daily driving. Without being the most luxurious interior on the market, the Toyota model also offers enough comfort for journeys of all distance.


 Whether it’s a 1.0l or 1.2l option, the running costs won’t blow your budget either. Moreover, insurance can be surprisingly affordable too. This will leave you more cash to think about any additional tech gadgets that may be required. Although, in truth, the newer models boast all the essentials.

 Is an Aygo perfect for everyone? No. However, it does cater to business, city life, and the needs of a modern family. If that doesn’t make it a worthy candidate, what does?

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