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It’s not secret that everyone is trying to save money. The economy is in poor shape and money feels scarcer than ever. Unfortunately, in most areas of life, it’s hard to save money. But, when it comes to car insurance, you can still save plenty. Through using some clever tricks and taking advantage of good deals, this post will help you to save as much as possible on your next quote.

  • Renewals

Renewals are a little different to the first time you get insurance with a company. When you’re already a customer, they want to hang on to you for as long as possible. This gives you a lot of pushing power when it comes to getting the best deal. When you renew your insurance, do it over the phone. This gives you a chance to barter a little. Use cheaper quotes from elsewhere to let them know that you want some money off. It doesn’t matter if these quotes are real, they just have to be believable. When you speak to sales staff, they usually have several reductions that they can give you. Obviously, they’ll try to withhold these if they can. But, if it means securing you for another year, they’ll jump at the chance to give you a deal. This is the best way to get really cheap car insurance no deposit, without doing loads of leg work.

  • Third-Party Cover

Desperate times can call for desperate measures. And, sometimes, this means going for the product that isn’t necessarily the best. Third-party insurance only covers other drivers on the road. So, if you have an accident, the other person’s car is covered, but yours is not. Of course, for some cars, the risk of this type of insurance would be too high. But, if you have an old, low-value car, it can be a great way to save some money. Just be careful to make sure that you have a way to get another car when you need one if yours is taken off the road.

  • Black Box Cover

Hopefully, it won’t come to third-party cover. Instead, you should be using a service like black box insurance to save you money. In this exchange, the insurance company installs a black box into your car. They don’t make the car look or perform differently, and it only takes a couple of hours to install them. The black box tracks your driving, including the locations, times, and the way that you drive. Using this information, the company will determine whether or not you’re a good driver. The better your driving; the cheaper your renewal will be. Having a black box will make your first quote cheaper, too. All in all this is a great way to make your driving safer and save some money, at the same time. You just have to get over the idea of being monitored!

Hopefully, when it comes to insuring your car, you’ll get the best value deal possible. Just remember; the best value option isn’t always the cheapest, but the option that provides the most for the least. Do plenty of research, and you’ll find the best option for you. Good luck and drive safe!

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