Is Subaru The Perfect Family Car Brand For You?

When you have young children, finding a family car is important. You want plenty of space and great safety features and you want the car to last you a while. All of these specifics mean that the Subaru is likely the best brand you can buy for your family. There are so many Subaru models out there and while families come in different sizes, so does the Subaru range. Safety is the biggest factor for any family buying a car for everyday use and back in 2015, the Subaru Outback won the best family car award. This has happened year on year for Subaru, with the 2017 Outback model up for the award this year.

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Practical, sensible and versatile, you need to be assured that your family are going to be kept safe and comfortable on long journeys. There are literally hundreds of online guides telling you how to buy the perfect family car, but what they don’t tell you about is a specific brand and why it’s good for your family. You can afford to be a little self-centred when you buy a car for personal use as the only person you have to please is you. Buying a family car is an entirely different ball game, where you have to think about other people and the stakes on the road are a little bit higher. No one wants to get in an accident, but when children are in the car, safety is even more important.

So, what should you be looking for in your Subaru?

Space. Trading in that Impreza for an Outback is going to be a no-brainer when it comes to upgrading to a family vehicle. You need more room in a car and while an Impreza is a beautiful model that purrs when you drive it, you need to be able to fit car seats, extra bags for changes and emergencies. Buying a family Subaru should mean you thinking ahead rather than buying for the size of your family you have right now. That doesn’t necessarily mean overspending, but nothing drives like the Subaru Outback does.

Families need a huge wagon and for space, looking at the Levorg is going to be a good decision. You want the biggest trunk space as well as legroom in the vehicle and thankfully, Subaru models are built like tanks! When you go to the dealership to check out different Subaru makes, bring your pushchair or pram with you. It makes no sense to check out the space in a new vehicle if your pushchair won’t fit inside it folded down. Good storage in a family car always cuts out how much toy and food clutter you end up having in the foot wells of the car. It’s always advised when buying a family car to check out the interior colour options in the Subaru, as darker interiors will hide spills and stains far better than creamy leather does!

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Safety. An obvious one, but the model you pick will be as safe as possible for your family. Checking out crash safety ratings like these is a smart plan. The Outback, for example, offers a world class safety testing record and a 5-star safety rating. It’s not all about accidents and crashes, either. Subaru warns you of objects in the way and offers pre-collision braking, and their EyeSight suite of systems include this. You can’t compromise on safety in the same way you can compromise on colour or interior materials, and you shouldn’t, either. Driver assist technology can make a difference to your family and reduce the chance of accidents on the road. Check out the airbags in the model you choose and make sure you can turn off passenger airbags if the children will be sat in car seats in the front of the car. Subaru is a five-star safety make, so make sure your children get that service. Check out the ANCAP safety ratings for the model you have your eye on and read the reports.  

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Environment. Believe it or not, the choice you make in the Subaru range is going to depend on the environment you live in. If you are in an area of heavy snow, for example, you will likely be choosing something like the Forester SUV, with all-wheel drive. You need a car that works for your environment and the terrain you live in. Dealing with dusty deserts and heat on a regular basis means you need a car that has good ground clearance and suitable tires. Don’t forget though, that the car you choose will need to fit in your garage so getting the biggest model you can find may not be the most practical decision. Subaru pride themselves on being a company that cares for the environment, which is why they ensure year on year that their cars are more efficient. The 2.0 diesel boxer engine helps the cars to offer a more frugal consumption of fuel. This doesn’t compromise on the performance, which makes Subaru a caring company.

MY11 Subaru Forester S-EDITION.

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Usage. A family car tends to be used for everyday use as well as long trips. You will need to research which Subaru model is good for long-distance driving and endurance. Some families love to hike or climb mountains. Some love to tow a boat to the ocean and others use their vehicle for regular events. All of these things will affect the type of car you want to buy and it will mean you have to choose carefully for your family. You should be thinking about what you plan to use your car for and encompass that with all the other features you want. The more you use your car, the more wear and tear you will acquire as time goes by so make sure you have a budget for repairs. Buying a completely new car will mean it takes longer for you wear and tear to appear on the car, but that entirely depends on the environment you drive in.

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Affordability. A car is not a small purchase. The financial health of your family is just as important as the EyeSight suite that comes with the Subaru of your choice. Thankfully, Subaru vehicles – whether old or brand new – rarely lose their value. This means that when you invest in an Outback or Forester, your car won’t drastically depreciate the moment you get off the dealership forecourt in the same way other models do. If you are not buying your car on finance, then you need to make sure that you can afford to buy outright. Don’t forget that your family will be using this car for a long time, so you need to buy a model worth your cash. It’s not just the actual car costs that you have to consider, but also the insurances, fuel and taxes.

Research. Before you buy your new car, you’ll likely be doing a ton of research. Checking out safety statistics and the popularity of models is going to be important and with Subaru, especially, you’re rather spoilt for choice when it comes to family cars. What works for one family won’t work for another. Head to Eblen Subaru Dealership where you can check out both new and used models and take them for a spin. This way, you can make an informed decision about which model would be best for your family. Ask as many questions as you possibly can about each model and really get in depth about the car history and the previous owners. If you’re going to be driving your family around you want to ensure that the safety of the car is paramount, and a great Subaru dealership will always be happy to answer your questions and help you research the models.

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All in all, Subaru come out on top of the list of companies that stand out as a family car manufacturer. Their safety records alone are enough to reassure the most nervous parent of their child’s wellbeing, and while you cannot control the behaviour of other drivers on the road, you can definitely control your car buying choices. Don’t forget to look for the right settings for your car seat, and ensure that if you go for a fully specified car to your choices that you maximise on safety and not just the fancy interior air conditioning. While that’s important because comfort is key, the crash tests with children in the car are more important. Choosing Subaru means you’re choosing quality, efficiency and all round excellence for your family.

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