Is Your Car Even Legal?

When it comes to driving, there are many rules and regulations that you probably didn’t know about. If your car is customized, there’s a high chance that there could be some aspect of your car that isn’t legal. In this article, there will be a list of some of most common mistakes people make when it comes to their cars.

Angel Eyes

A great addition to any modded car, is angel eyes. Did you know, that if the beam isn’t aligned correctly that you’re driving your car illegally? Take your car to your garage and ask them to check if your alignment is correct because even if it’s only slightly wrong it’s still illegal and needs to be rectified.

The reason that your headlights need to be aligned is because if your main beam is angled directly at an oncoming car this can increase the chances of them becoming blinded by your headlights and crashing. Even though oncoming cars may already seem blinding, they’re all angled to a position where the least crashes occur.



Having your car windows tinted has many benefits. You will save your aircon unit because tinted windows tend to keep the car cooler. They also deter thieves away from your car because it’s not easy to see what’s inside.

However, making sure that your car has a legal window tint is an important thing to think about. If the tint is too dark, you would be driving illegally. All measures like this are tested thoroughly to ensure that we reduce the frequency of car accidents.

Before having any tints applied to your car, do your research and get the job done professionally. If you’ve already got tints, head to your local garage to get some opinions. If needed, make the changes necessary to ensure your car is legal for the road once more.

License Plate Frames

Yep, this one is on the list too. Having any part of the letters or numbers covered up on your registration number could land you in a lot of trouble.

Probably best to just avoid having a license plate frame, but if you really want one, make sure that none of your vehicle registration number has been covered in anyway.


Loud Exhausts

Who honestly thinks that having an exhaust that explodes your ear drums is a good idea? They’re annoying and unnecessary. The law is different all around the world, and it is unlikely that a cop will have all of the knowledge of how loud it should be, and also carry around a decibel meter. Although, if they do, they can pull you over for anything more than 90 decibels from a distance. This also goes for any music you have turned up in the car.

They’re not worth the risk, they’re scary loud and can upset children and those that are disabled and they give no improvement to the way the car works.

Give yourself a fighting chance

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