Jeep Wrangler: Improving That Nightmarish 16MPG Fuel Economy

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Sales of Jeep Wranglers are on the up and up and up. In fact, they have sold more vehicles over the past 24 months than ever before, with record highs seeming to be reached each respective year. It’s not hard to see why either; they are seriously cool cars both to look at and drive.

However, for all its bad ass qualities and appearances, it boasts one of the worst fuel economies of any off-road vehicle. We’re talking 21 MPG on a motorways and 15 in city situations. In fact, the most staggering stat of all is that it costs the average driver about £2500 a year. That means it kind of sucks at road trips.

Don’t worry, though, we’re not going to tell you it’s time to sell your beast and go for something more sensible. We don’t have it in us to do that. What we’re going to do instead is tell you how you can make your Jeep Wrangler that much more fuel efficient. We know. We’re the best.

Steady Your Speed

We know, your Jeep’s engine sounds amazing when you put your foot down. However, your bank balance won’t. So, instead of accelerating hard and braking harder, try and keep your speed as steady as you possibly can. The more constant your speed the better the economy will be. Basically, if you have cruise control in your Jeep then use it. Otherwise, just plan ahead. If you see lights turn red, start braking gently in good time. Little things can save you a lot.

It’s All About The Tires

Each car is different in that they have different requirements in order to run at their optimum performance, and this is especially true when it comes to your tires. Speaking to the experts at Wiltshire Tyres, they strongly recommend you read the owner’s manual and to make sure the pressure of your tires are at the recommended level because this is one of the leading causes of a lower economy. Thank you, drag. They also say you should also have your wheel alignment tested to make sure your Jeep is rolling in a straight line.

Turn It Off A Lot

There are so many myths swirling around on this front, with one of them saying if you turn your engine off and on it uses about two minutes worth of fuel. That is a load of nonsense. Turning your engine off when you are stopped saves so much fuel, that’s why modern cars do it automatically. If you’re stuck in traffic, turn it off. If you’re thinking about grabbing a McDonald’s, park up and pop inside instead of sitting idle in the queue. Little things remember.

Awesome Aerodynamics

If you have a convertible Wrangler, drive with the cover on as often as you can to keep your aerodynamics at the optimum level. It is all about drag. Remember. The more drag the more fuel you use. As such, we recommend you look out of your window and at your Jeep and see if there is anything that is adding drag, such as a roof rack, or bike rack on the back or anything like that. Drag is bad. Drag adds a lot of dollars to each trip. Trust us.

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