Keeping Your Car Safe From Emergencies!

Like with everything you own, you need to keep your car maintained well.

Your house? It will fall apart if you don’t look after it. Your valuables? They might become a lot less valuable if you fail to take good care of them. Your car? Well you might be risking your life or a serious accident or emergency if you fail to take good care of it.


If you’ve got a car and you are not taking care of it, then you need to turn that mindset right around and start caring for it right now. It’s easy to complete some simple tasks and you can educate yourself on the more difficult items, but it is important that you at least make some kind of start and start caring for your vehicle!

Don’t let a lack of knowledge put you off. There are a number of amazing resources at your fingertips. Firstly, obtain your car’s ownership manual. This will contain a lot of key information and specifications that you absolutely need to know if you are going to start taking good care of your car. For every single issue you could ever experience with your car, there will be plenty of troubleshooting guides on the internet. The scope of the internet means that someone has likely had the same problem, with the same car as you and has posted a full length guide on how to solve your issue. In this day and age, you’ll never want for knowledge.

Caring for your tires is so very important. Worn, loose or deflated tires can affect how your car handles. The tires are made of rubber and are one of the only parts of the car that touch the road as well – which makes their condition extremely crucial to the wellbeing of not only the car, but yourself. The tires need to always be inflated to the specifications listed by the manufacturer of the vehicle which can be viewed in the owner’s manual and examined with a tire gauge. The tire gauge can show you the tread wear of your tires, and if they are worn, you need to get the tires replaced as soon as possible at your local dealership, engineer, or tire dealer. You need to check your tires often, as much as every week to ensure they are keeping you safe on the road.


Check the oil of your car with a dipstick every so often to ensure the lifeblood of your car isn’t dirty. If your car doesn’t have oil, or if the oil is weighed down with dirt – you’ll certainly know about it as the car will not perform well at all. A good mechanic can show you exactly how to check your oil in the car, and this oil should be changed after being used for around three thousand miles and no more than five thousand miles. Your engine needs to be in good shape to keep your car running, and oil changes are one way that you can keep your engine in good health. It’s also the cheapest way to keep your engine running! An oil change is cheaper than an engine replacement. Like the oil, there are plenty of other crucial fluids that help run your car. Brake fluid, engine coolant, transmissions fluids and even the fluid used to wash your windshield need to topped up regularly, and you can find out how to check these fluids and find out exactly how to replace them through your mechanic. It should be in the owner’s manual, though.

With car maintenance, just simply check the essentials every so often and ensure they are changed if they need replacing or are worn out. You can easily identify worn out tires and other essentials by operation noises and appearance. If your brakes need replacing, they will sound bad. If your tires need replacing, they will look bad. It’s essential that the key operation essentials of your car are replaced immediately at any cost. If you lack the cash to do so, you might want to enquire about online payday loans. Car essentials becoming worn is a serious deal and you need to ensure that any worn operation parts are replaced as soon as possible. It might even save your life.

Now that the interior of your car is safe from problems and issues, it’s time to talk about keeping your car safe from other things – the environment and theft, namely.

When you lock your car, always double check that the car is locked. Never simply walk away from it and press the remote locking fob. Lock the car and test the door – this takes seconds and could ensure your car isn’t stolen.

When parking your car, always try to park the vehicle in a well-lit area. Always attempt to park your car where it can be seen, like close to a building or your home. If you’re out and about, try and park the car where you can see it from inside a restaurant or bar.

Of course, when you leave your car you need to ensure that valuables are locked away and hidden from external sight. Sat nav systems, smartphones, wallets, cash, jewelry, coats, computers and anything else of value needs to be locked away as it can tempt a robbery of your vehicle. It is easier to remove temptation from the equation and simply keep everything out of sight and off limits.

It’s a good idea to store your car well when not using it. Keep it locked in a garage, covered up with a car wrap or tarpaulin. This will ensure that critters don’t call it home. When storing your car, keep it topped up with petrol to ensure it’s ready to go. You also need to start the car often to ensure that the battery doesn’t fade out during the storage period as well.


Keeping your car safe from emergencies like accidents, break down and theft is easier than getting involved with accidents, break downs and theft and it will prevent your car from being involved in an emergency.

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