Lexus LF-SA Concept to Debut in Geneva

Lexus has always been synonymous with style. Refined tuning is a must for any Lexus, car owner. So, when the news was released that the LF-SA would be debuted at the Geneva Car Show, many car enthusiasts were thrilled to hear the news. But, what does this mean for Lexus? Will they be revealing a brand new, next generation car? Or, will it be something a little more low-key?

Well, the car is set to be unveiled on March 3rd. Until then, we have only been giving a sneak peak of the new LF-SA concept. It’s configured to be small. But, size doesn’t matter. It’s also set to be simple, elegant and an ideal everyday car.

But, who knows?

As we all know, concept cars are released for teasing. The pixelated images give nothing away. There are hints that the concept is akin to the L-FA of years gone by. It’s pretty similar to the design of the BMW X4. So, could he LF-SA be a coupe? Of course, it could be a CT hybrid.

All we know from the image is that the car has super low styling. Lexus has stated that they want a new car for the technological age. They want something that offers an almost virtual experience. So, Lexus have confirmed it’s going to be a high-spec model with plenty f driver focus. As always, Lexus will ensure that luxury is at the heart of the brand.


Source: Trenten Kelley


The new model, we can determine, is going to be a small car. The smaller, edgier car is sure to be a hit with long-time Lexus fans. After all, small is the new big for many car owners. They are seen as cheaper to run and more comfortable to drive. Plus, the LF-SA would certainly fit the masses needs.

Sports Styling

The Lexus LF-SA is set to be sports Lexus. It is going to have the L-Finesse styling that Lexus fans have come to love. The unusual shaped lights and spindle grille are going to be loved by Lexus lovers throughout. This kind of styling has also become recognisable with the brand. But, it’s fresh and sophisticated too.

So before you hand over cash for your car in New Hampshire or Geneva, you may be wise knowing that the long line of Lexus concept cars has been especially toned down. If you want a model that is sporty looking and bold in its design, you probably won’t have that with the LS-FA. Lexus is renowned for offering sleek, simple and chic design. The LS-FA will be no different.


The LS-FA concept should have something in the region of a 5.0 litre V8 engine. The tuning, it is reported, is said to hit 467 BHP. So, if you have a need for speed, the Lexus LS-FA could be the car for you. Of course, Lexus are yet to release the official stats ahead of the show. But, sources say that the car should hit the 100HM/H mark in around 4 seconds.

Other Debuts

Lexus fans will rejoice at not one, but three cars being debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in March. The LF-C3 and GS-F will also be displayed in Europe.

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