Love Driving? Make Sure You Respect It

If you’re a frequent visitor of this website, or have come upon it naturally, it’s likely you have a penchant for driving cars. We couldn’t blame you. Nothing feels better than sitting behind the wheel and experiencing the freedom of driving a car. Not only is the experience wonderful, but the technical side of car mechanics is endlessly fascinating, and affords plenty of excitement.

However, there are some things you should set straight before you begin your driving career. These things are also important to re-assess even midway in your driving career. Driving is a present process, not a skill which you ‘master’ and then replicate. You are only as good a driver as your last time spent behind the wheel. For this reason, it’s important to improve your attitude towards it. We love vehicles, and so should you, but you’d be mistaken to believe there are no risks involved.

In this article, we will detail methods you can take to respect the art, craft and love of vehicles.



Distracted driving can be as sinister as drunk driving. Willfully maintaining a chaotic environment in your car, whether that’s overly loud music, children who aren’t secured in their seating properly, or inappropriate smartphone usage. Any one of these, and plenty of other behaviours all contribute to increased danger on the road. Remember, focus is one of the most golden attitudes you can employ during your time behind the wheel.

If you’re not in a fit state to focus on the road in front of you, you shouldn’t be driving. People who are overtired, emotional or otherwise temporarily mentally foggy should wait until the clouds pass. Focus on the road, the cars, and the internal environment of your car. If you’re learning to drive on your own after passing your test, listening to the radio is inadvisable until you get that complete and total feel for the road. Taking the time to ensure you’re focussing correctly can help you avoid a world of difficult mistakes.


Vehicles are not cheap to drive. While you may have picked up a cheap second-hand hatchback from your local auto trades dealer, it’s likely this vehicle will need maintenance doing at some time or another. It can be tempting for those struggling with cash to ignore the signs of needed repair, and instead, continue to drive around until the issue worsens.

This is a terrible attitude to employ. Always save a padded blanket of funds to apply to your vehicle when you’re in need of repairs, and be sure to take it in immediately after identifying an issue. Even a slightly chipped windscreen can smash in the right conditions, and this can lead to a potentially fatal crash. Treat your vehicle’s health as critically as your own health, because mismanagement in the first will surely lead to problems in the second.

With these tips, and the wisdom to observe and obey the changing traffic laws of your country, sticking within recommended emission outputs, and generally re-training your driving ability by intermittently reading driving theory, you will stay a committed driver, and one to respect behind the wheel.

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