Making The Most Of Your Money When It Comes To Driving

We all know that driving is expensive right from day one. The minute you book your first lesson you begin a lifetime of paying out so that you can have the luxury of driving yourself around, rather than walking or taking the bus. This guide is how you can make the most of your money when it comes to driving.


It’s no secret that lessons will cost you a fair amount of money. Adding that on top of the cost for all of the books and your theory test, and you’re looking at spending up to $1000 just to pass your test. A great way of reducing these costs is to:

  • Buy lessons in bulk, your instructor may give you a discount for doing this.
  • Consider paying for an intensive driving course.
  • See if friends or family have any theory books that you can borrow, rather than buying new. Just make sure that you’re learning from up to date books.
  • See if a family member or friend will teach you some basics in driving so that you can lessen the amount of driving lessons you will need from an instructor.



Car insurance will always start at a high price, especially if you’re a newly passed and young driver. Using comparison insurance websites will help you gain the best deal as a new driver. Over the years, if you remain a safe driver and do not claim on your insurance you will gain what is called a no claims discount. This will dramatically lower the price of your insurance when it comes to renewal.

Buying A Car

The idea of driving around is one that many people dream of, and often you will have an idea of what kind of car you would like before you’ve even passed your test. Unfortunately, the flashier the car, the higher your insurance is going to be and the more expensive it’s going to be to run. Much alike when you’re shopping for insurance, use comparison sites like to search for a car that’s going to be more affordable for you. Unless of course, you’re able to afford to pay out for the car of your dreams.

Maintaining A Car

The best advice to give when it comes to maintaining a car, is to get it serviced regularly, even between your MOTs. Doing this will ensure that any costs that your car may produce will be spread out over the period that you own the car, rather than just having one big bill that you will have to find the money for. Make sure your oil and water is regularly topped up, that you’re driving sensibly and your tires are pumped up correctly and you shouldn’t run into regular problems.

Following these four tips will save you a considerable amount of money when it comes to driving and maintaining your car. Remember to be smart when shopping around for deals, and to drive safely and you shouldn’t have to spend lots of money on your car.

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