Navigating The Road Buying The Best Family Car

Getting a car for your family is an important decision, and there are a lot of considerations to make. For instance, you’ll want to think about how much it is going to be used and what it’s going to be used for. It’s possible that you will mainly be using the car for long family trips. If that’s the case, you want it to be as comfortable as possible and have fantastic handling on the road. For this need, if you can afford it, you should look no further than the Range Rover Evoque. It’s got the power, the comfort and will be perfect for longer rides.

Or, perhaps your biggest priority is fuel efficiency. As such, you may want to consider a hybrid car because this will use the least amount of fuel. The IS 300h sport would be the dream here, but of course, there are other considerations on top of that too. Let’s look at a few of them and make sure you pick the perfect family car for you.

Can You Afford It?

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You might already have the perfect family car in mind. For instance, perhaps you’ve taken our previous advice and opted for a Subaru. Not a bad choice, but can you afford the purchase. Depending on the car, you could be looking at spending anywhere up to thirty, thousand on your new family car. That’s a high price tag, even for someone on a moderate income.

If you can’t, and you have your heart set on that car you might want to look at other options. For instance, you can think about the car finance options offered by sites such as With this possibility, you can get the perfect car for your family and completely avoid the high one and done cost. Instead, you’ll be able to pay it off little by little making the purchase far more manageable.

Is It Safe?


It’s a common misconception that each car is equally safe, they aren’t. Later models have better safety features, and some have great braking distances than others. You can even get cars these days with course correction technology, and that’s probably exactly what you want for your family. You want a car that can stop you making a life changing mistake on the road. As such, we have to recommend the Tesla Autopilot vehicle. While certainly expensive you have to ask whether you can put a price on the safety of your family. You can find out more about autopilot on

Will Your Family Love It?


Lastly, it’s easy to forget that when you buy a family car, your not just buying it for yourself. You’re buying it for, well, your family. So, you do want to make sure they’re going to like it as much as you. This means they should come with you for those test drives.

For our money, a car that’s going to suit the whole family is the Vauxhall Astra Hatchback. This friendly car achieves a brilliant 85MPG has enough space in the pack for the kids and is reasonably priced at under thirty grand. You can’t get much better than that! You can have a look at a review on to see what we mean.

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